10 Free tools to do your own marketing

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No one can know your brand better than you. Because of that, it is you who do your own marketing.

It won’t be easy. It requires a good amount of self-disciple and an innate desire to grow and expand your business. However, when it works, it will put your brand at the forefront – allowing you to grow steadily.

But all these lofty dreams are just dreams if you don’t have money – right? No.

Self-marketing should be more about skill and less about how much money you invest.

Take a look at the free tools that will turn you into a self-marketing savant. These tips will instill a sense of discipline in you – letting you move forward with heads held high as you turn your brand into a memorable experience for your customers.



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Marketing tools to help you organize your business

You can’t really move forward without streamlining your business. Everything should be in its place and help you focus precisely on your work. Here are two free organizing tools to help you run your operations properly.



  1. Trello:

    Nothing comes close to Trello when it comes to sheer simplicity. This free only utility lets you organize your projects, set individual tasks and coordinate with your team better. Simple yet robust, free yet flexible, Trello is the online organizing tool that we use to make sure that our business is on track.

  2. Slack:

    Do you run a small team that you want to coordinate without getting overly technical about it? Slack has got you covered. It is a free online utility that, like Trello, allows you to organize your work and assign individual tasks to your team members. It even goes further into making team management more involved – enabling you to interact with your teammates through voice and video calls.



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Self-Marketing tools to help you with Social Media Management

Despite the appearances of many random things going viral on social media, there is a lot of discipline that goes into creating engagement around a post. There are many tools available, and most of them are quite pricey. But you’re here for free stuff, aren’t you? Here are the social media management tools to help you do your own marketing:



  1. Embedsocial:

    Integrate your social media photo albums, Instagram stories, and reviews directly into your website. With the free version of Embedsocial, you can add up to 10 albums. The photos you embed get updated every 4 hours. As far as free tools go, it is a good utility that lets you keep an eye on your social media posts in one place.

  2. Likeanalyzer:

    Interested in knowing how much engagement your Facebook posts are getting? Use Likeanalyzer. It lets you analyze the performance of your Facebook page, compares it with your competitors and advises you on how to make improvements. If you don’t want anything over-technical, this tool will give you a simple report – giving you deeper insight into your page. 



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SEO Management Tools to use

The only way for your website to get noticed by Google is if you follow the right SEO standards. Here are the free online marketing tools that let you manage those quality factors for your website



  1. Screaming Frog:

    If you want a complete look into your website’s strengths and weaknesses, Screaming Frog is your tool. Its SEO Spider crawls through your website and provides you with all the information about your site’s images, CSS, scripts, apps, and contents. Screaming frog provides info about every crack present in your website, from broken links to duplicate contents.

  2. Google Search Console:

    Previously known as the Google Webmaster tool, the Google Search Console is a go-to tool for any self-marketing brand. Analyze your website’s traffic performance, identity and fix the issues with the broken links present and see if your site is running at an optimal speed. It is an all-in-one tool suitable for advanced users. 


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Tools to audit your website

Google SEO standards change rapidly. You need to keep up with them. Therefore, you need auditing tools that audit your website and find all the data points to align your platform with the market’s demands.



  1. SimilarWeb:

    Get the competitive upper hand by analyzing your competitor’s marketing strategy and your digital market share with this tool. This market-intelligence utility is free to use for up to 5 results per metric, 3 months of website traffic data and 1 month of mobile app data.

  2. GTmetrix:

    53% of mobile users abandon websites due to speed issues. GTmetrix is a free tool that lets you get an insight into your website’s speed. It also provides recommendations on how to make it faster. Use these implementable recommendations to make your get up to a speed that readily provides the information the users need. 




Track the Mentions of your Website

Once you’ve gained enough mileage on the web, people will start talking about you. However, whether those words are positive or negative will decide the online reputation of your brand. Here are two free tools to track your website mentions so that you can look at people’s perceptions about your website.



  1. Mentionapp:

    As a free member, you’ll be able to explore your Twitter mentions, get a retweet map and filter hashtags. Furthermore, it lets you peek at the more popular Twitter users who you can either follow or design your posting model around.

  2. Google Alerts:

    Google Alerts are a lot more than just an instant dosage of social media dopamine. When used correctly, you can track conversations about your brand on the web. Take a peek at people’s perceptions and strategize accordingly.



Now you’ve looked at the 10 tools for online digital marketing that you can use to grow your brand. Remember to understand their working before dabbling in them. Precise usage will lead to actual results, and you need to be on a disciplined path to grow if you genuinely want to achieve success.