11 Killer Social Media Content Ideas

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Creating a good online presence is important for your business, whether big or small.

And the key to creating a good, engagement-worthy online presence is to create unique social media content ideas that can attract an audience you can convert into leads. 

Once you have seen so many posts go viral online, creating social media content seems like a child’s play. 

“Everyone is doing it.” – many businesses say, ignorant of the strategy that goes into developing such social media posts. 

Therefore, in this article, we’ll not only give you 11 killer social media content ideas but also strategies that you can use to create ideas on your own. 

Let us begin.

How to come up with killer social media content ideas?

First off, how do you define killer social media content? Is it the content with the most likes, most comments, or most views?

We’re asking this question because, unlike many content-related queries, this one has an objective answer. 

You can get more views for your content if you’ve used the right hashtags and keywords, but that doesn’t mean you’ll grab likes. 

You can grab likes for quirky posts, but they might elicit emotions from your audience. 

On the other hand, you might create a post with not many views or likes but multiple engagement worthy comments. 

So, which one do you prefer?

A killer social media content gets visibility and can elicit a response from an audience. There is no either-or; you need all three reactions to call your social media content a killer. 

Here are the tips for coming up with such an idea:



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Plan your Social Media Content Ahead of Time

Regurgitating whatever comes to your mind has been an ongoing social media trend, and the funny part is that such posts get a lot of engagement. Therefore, many believe that random posts with no planning whatsoever are how you get the most authentic social media content. 


But that is farther from the truth. 


You can’t just wing it on social media. Such posts are few and far between, and the OTs often see a decline in their engagement ratings if they create posts that only consist of random thoughts.

You must plan your content to create consistent engagement and turn your audience into customers. The process will not be as fast. However, every like you get will have more impact because those who react to your post don’t just do so out of notion; they do it because they believe in your offerings. 



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Talk to your Audience.

While your posts must be informative, they should also leave room for the audience to participate in the conversation. There is a reason that LinkedIn’s “Do you agree?” posts get so much reach these days. The social media content creation ecosystem is not about giving all the answers right away. 


It is about starting a conversation.


The more you’ll get your audience involved in your posts, the more engagement you’ll receive.


The more engagement you’ll receive, the higher your chances are of converting that audience into leads. 


And since your leads are already amped up by your desire to answer their questions, you can push them further down the marketing funnel and turn them into customers. 



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Create relevant content

One of many mistakes people make while creating social media content is trying to appeal to everyone. Their posts are often diplomatic, have no integrity, and are filled with jargon. 


No one is interested in such posts.


The audience only responds to content that they feel relevant. 

So, always know who you’re talking to before entering a single word to post online. Your audience must understand what you’re talking about to participate in the conversation. 



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Search for places from where you can find social media content ideas

For a social media manager, inspiration lies in every piece of content available online. Be it other social media posts, blogs, newsletters, or even snarky comments in the Reddit section. 

Try to imbibe as much content as possible so that you’re always full of ideas for social media.



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Best Social Media post Ideas for business

Those four tips will help you develop your content ideas for social media. But if you’re pressed for time, here is a cheat sheet of some killer content strategies. 


Stories create a visual appeal

People like stories, and for a good reason. They flow better, allow the reader to create visual imagery and give an insight into the writer. In your business’s case, it will provide an insight into your brand. Here are some story tips to get your audience interested in your offerings:

  1. Share your passion
  2. Create videos describing your business journey
  3. Talk about the products and how they can help people
  4. Share authentic customer testimonials


Quotes are always good

Social media has become a den of positivity. It doesn’t matter what business you run; a quote always grabs the attention. Here are the tips to make your quotes stand out:

  1. Create a funny quote about your niche.
  2. Take an inspirational quote online and connect it with your brand.
  3. Create a quote that asks your audience to participate.


Questions can create natural engagement

Questions are necessary to start a conversation, and social media posts are the perfect vehicle for them. Here are some question ideas that you can implement in your content:

  1. Talk about your business struggle and ask your audience about theirs.
  2. Ask your audience about what kind of posts they want to see next.
  3. Put questions related to your industry; be quirky about it.


Business content on social media will attract ideal customers

Newcomers tip-toe around a topic instead of directly talking about their business. Social media allows you to be direct – leverage it without hesitation:

  1. Create posts about giveaways
  2. Sell your products and services, but remember to introduce such posts by addressing the problem they solve
  3. Use urgency to create more engagement – like “The offer ends by tonight.”



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Make these social media post ideas work for you by making them interesting?

Everyone has ideas, but few can implement them properly. We’ve specified 11 social media post ideas that you can create to get steady engagement. However, you have to take care of the following points to make these ideas resonate with your audience:

  1. Be Unique: Start with a great hook to capture the reader’s attention. Move forward by taking that hook as the base to develop the post. 
  2. Be helpful: Don’t show off your enhanced vocabulary on social media (I used to). It doesn’t create engagement, and it doesn’t help the readers. The aim of your post should be to help people, so make it as simple as you possibly can.
  3. Have a strong headline: The headline is the first thing people see when coming across any post. So, having a strong headline is not just important; it is critical to your post’s engagement. 
  4. End with an engaging line: What is an engaging line? In simple terms, it is a call to action. It specifies what you want your audience to do once they see your post. Remember, a CTA in a social media post is different from a blog. You have to use your post as a base and create an emotional CTA. 



We have heard “Content is King” many times, but most conflate it with the lyrical content with jargon the audience can’t relate to. The reality is that the customer is and has always been the king – Content is the Prime Minister, and social media posts are the titbits that engage the king. 


A killer social media content is not easy to create. However, if you have a starting line and a foundational idea, you can leverage social media to grow your business faster than your competitors. 


If you have found this article helpful, feel free to comment. If you have more things to add to our collection, feel free to do so.