11 Places to Promote your business for free

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If promoting your business is costing money, you’re probably doing it wrong.” – small business owners can’t get tired of hearing this enough.


Business promotions are ways to spread awareness about your business to turn your lookers into leads and leads into customers. Do it wrong, and it would cost you a lot of money. 


And for a small business, the enterprise should have about making moolah, not shelling it out. 


That’s knowing how to promote your business – cost free – should be your top priority.


So, if you’re a small business going against giant competitors, go against the grain and tap into that inner marketing animal. 


Upon introspection, you’d be surprised to realize that you can make your business famous for free (Yes, really). Just connect with people you want to sell to, and you’d capture their hearts and minds in no time. 


Social media has paved the way for such engagement. They are virtual clubhouses (including a platform called clubhouse) that will help you penetrate the market for free in a way you never could before. 


So, it is time to do it right. It is time that you leverage your expertise and desire to reach and make people look at your product – even when they don’t intend to. 


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Promote your business for free at these social media platforms

Free business promotion doesn’t cost you money, but it would cost you time and focus. To spend those well, you need to be where your efforts can lead to positive results. 


That’s the only way to levels these free ways to promote your business.


Check out our list of 11 places where you won’t need money to promote your business.



Instagram taps into one aspect of human nature that we spend hours on – scrolling through the screen. From reels to live videos to stories to simple posts, the variety of advertising content you can show through this platform is astounding.


Instagram stories to create shareable posts

Instagram is a freely downloadable app. The picture-centric platform allows you to tell engaging Instagram stories with a couple of pictures (and trending background music.).


Talk to your viewers with Instagram Live

Do you know how you can best talk to your prospects? By talking to them. Hosting your business on Instagram live will give you a direct line into your customer’s thoughts.


Instagram reels to dazzle the viewers with entertaining skits

With Reels, you get to utilize 1 minute to get the story out for our brand. Taking the creative route will let you fill those 60 seconds with enchanting skits that will stay in the viewer’s mind.

Multi Photos/videos Instagram posts

Instagram lets you post not one but multiple videos and photos in a single post. Keeping these individual posts interactive makes the viewers watch them till the end.



No one has more traction in marketing than the progenitor of all social media – Facebook. Starting as a mere platform to share personal lives, it has now turned into a platform upon which entire businesses are surviving:


Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page with your brand’s name and let the consistent posts make it viral. It would lead to engagement, and with time, it can lead to virality – and going viral for a brand is akin to striking gold.


Facebook groups

Let your customers become the participants of your brand. Integrate them into the business promotion system where you give them the platform to share their opinions. This inclusive approach will take you to new heights.


Facebook stories

What’s new? That’s what people want to know. So, dabble in Facebook stories. Create videos or use a single image with trending music in the background and watch as your viewer’s eyeballs stay glued to that screen.


Events, watch parties, bots and messages

Once you engage members on your pages, you have a direct line to prospects that you can routinely communicate with using your brand. Tap into events, watch parties, and messages to personalize your brand’s promotion – for free. Automate the response with bots to give preset answers that are still relevant.



Take your content business promotion to the next level, for free, with this social media platform that has grown from being a provider of DIY tips, wedding inspirations and recipes to a place that has decreased the space between you and your customers: 



Taking cues from Facebook, Pinterest has adopted the concept of communities, “groups” that will help you interact with your target audience meaningfully.



Tailwind Tribes is a new Pinterest feature that lets you add your pins so that others can repin them. It creates a back-and-forth ecosystem where sharing is caring – making your viewers feel like a part of your tribe.

Group Boards

Group Boards do the same thing as Tribes, albeit at a lower scale. You can still get a lot of engagement, but it relies on your repins.


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Free business promotion is now a possibility. Just grab your smartphones and download these social media apps. Gone are the days when their existence equated to a waste of time. People are hooked on them, and it is your time to leverage them so that the same folks can get hooked on your brand.