3 Key Points to Good RTM: What’s an Efficient Way to Go Viral?

good rtm

What makes a good RTM? 

We don’t know what you did while reading this, but we sure know you didn’t raise your hand.

Every brand and organization wants its name to be told by millions worldwide, especially if it’ll be associated with a positive tone. 

There’s no genuine guide for getting 100% viral, not even 50% or 10%. However, there is a field where you have better odds of receiving the desired title – And that one is, of course, the Real-Time Marketing path (AKA: RTM).


What is a good RTM?

The RTM initials refer to using your digital marketing tools regarding a new event. It can be a news item, a quote, an event that happens in another country, and basically – Everything that raises the interest of millions. 

It can be a post on social media channels, a paid campaign, an article, or anything else – But it needs to be related to the event in a clever way. Be careful – If you aren’t on your toes, you may seem like a “tryhard” rather than someone who aced this task.


Principle 1#: Keep it in Good Taste

Many of those events relate to the lives of others, and we’re sometimes talking about dozens, hundreds, thousands, and even more than that. Some relate to delicate matters, and if they are – You need to stay on the good side of things. While using black humor may be tempting, it’s usually the wrong way to go if you plan on reaching the masses – That typically stays away from those kinds of messages, jokes, and content.

Principle 2#: Keep it RELATED

To achieve good RTM, you will need to make the content related to your industry or niche.

Yes, we’ve mentioned it before, and we’re doing it again because it’s more important than you may have figured. Posting your logo next to a picture from that global phenomenon isn’t enough to be declared as RTM, and even if you’ve connected 2 dots, it doesn’t mean that you get the whole picture.

People usually don’t like humor that makes fun of tragic events, but they also despise those who just seem to be eager to post something just for the sake of doing it, no matter the social cost. 

Principle 3#: Make it Quick

The new ’20s are here with a simple announcement: If it’s already been a few hours, you’re already late. Yes, you can’t always respond in time – But you don’t have to. As a matter of fact, if you’ll hesitate or upload your take after the pun was already done to death – You’re probably doing more damage to your brand than the other way around. 

If you don’t want to be caught as an old boomer, out of touch or slow – Get fast or stop trying. A good RTM is always updated and on-trend. You should not miss out on this or else it will not work well for your business or website.


Always on the Lookout

The art of creating good content is challenging, especially if you put a timer that can sometimes summarize all the processes to an hour in the middle of the night. However, suppose you want to achieve the effects without having to worry about damaging your brand’s reputation. In that case, we believe we can create a marketing platform that’ll take care of any digital task, so you can rest assured we’ll note and take care of any newsflash that can be beneficial for your marketing efforts.