3 Reasons why SEO is Crucial for your Business

Why SEO is crucial

What’s your dream as a business owner?

To reach new audiences?

Get traffic without having to break a sweat (Or a saving account)?

To become known among your niche? 

Our guess is that you’ve been attracted to at least one goal here, and if that’s the case, we believe that SEO can be the key to achieve them in a way you may even didn’t know was possible.

What’s SEO in the First Place?
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The initials stand for Search Engine Optimization, and to be precise – This field makes sure that when people look for a relevant term or keyword, they’ll see your business’s website as an answer to their needs.

Basically, all of us use Google at least a few times a week, and we almost instantly browse the first options. Why? Because Google picked them up for us, and with good SEO infrastructure and patience – You can get to one of those places yourself and harvest the fruits of labor. In the rest of the article, we’ll show your three great virtues that’ll probably make you think about changing your marketing strategy, so be ready!

Better Traffic

Boost traffic to your website via paid and organic marketing

Those who already use Google Analytics know that 99% of the time, the best traffic channel is the organic one, presenting better session times, lower bounce rates, and more actions on the site, including higher conversion rates and even bigger order values.

The reason for that is that people actively search for your products or services (AKA pull marketing), and therefore, they’re more likely to check your business and perform the desired action – And that advantage alone can be worth a lot.

Marketing without Marketing

Are you tired of commercials? Most of us do. As a matter of fact, many research pieces show that people automatically filter ads without even noticing (Selective Sight), and we can see millions of users that install various ad blockers that prevent them from showing in the first place.

By being placed in one of the first positions on the search engines’ organic results, people will view your website as a more authentic place to devote their time to. Your site won’t be blocked when it comes to ad blockers, increasing the chances for a click from a potential customer.


The savings equation – rochemamabolo

Paid campaigns are a great “Shortcut” for traffic, but in the end, it takes time and money, both as the media budget and/or paying for a PPC expert. With SEO, you barely have any media budgets at all (Some websites were promoted without spending a dime). Things aren’t like that since day 1, but after a few months of dedicated and high-quality work can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars that’ll be kept at your bay without losing traffic.

Besides, a good SEO-promoted website usually “Sells itself” after a while, reducing the need for non-stop maintenance, saving you time that also counts as money on the clock.

It’s Time to go Organic

SEO is one of the fascinating fields in the digital marketing world, and now you can enjoy it too. At Synapse, we have premium SEO services that’ll do whatever it takes to boost your business to the first page and top results at the fastest time possible

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3 Reasons why SEO is Crucial for your Business