5 Awesome Ways to Boost your SEO Performance

5 Awesome Ways to Boost your SEO Performance - Synapse

SEO Performance is a vast world, filled with various methods, tools, and guides that every one of them represents a different aspect of the bigger truth. As people who live and breathe the 21st century, we usually aim to find the most fun and unique ways to generate organic traffic that can boost our site’s performance. This article will review five ideas that you can freely use in your website and personalize it according to your needs and taste – And see how things start to change in your favor.


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Everyone loves showing what they know. Implementing quizzes in your articles is a great way to increase the engagement with your potential customers and readers and check their interest and understanding level. Various modern tools allow you to easily integrate different questions for every article, giving you the freedom to choose the questions and answers and plant them wherever seems right throughout the articles and posts.


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Reading about something is nice, but many people need to fully understand what they need to begin, especially in the financial division. Many sites offer calculators for different purposes, starting from mortgage, site-building, and planning the vacation of your dreams. A great way to use the calculator to its fullest potential is by sending the result, followed by interesting and relevant offers that they can use instantly. 


Everyone has an opinion, and communities are great channels to spread the word. Sure, you can always use the “built-in” tools such as Facebook, Linkedin, Whatsapp and Telegram, Reddit, but what about creating a unique system where your customers can express themselves or at least post reviews, comments, and more? The social aspect is huge, and that’s why you have so many tools to choose from – And now’s your chance to get some of that action.

GIFs & Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words, but some media types are much more expensive 😉 The almost infinite possibilities of combining rich media types with your website are a great way to keep your visitors hooked, mainly when the video player controls count as an action – And that alone proves the algorithm your site interests people and, therefore, gives you a higher rank.


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This one can be tough, but the higher the risk, so is the rewards. Promoting your website using games can be a fantastic action that can significantly benefit you. Studies show a significant improvement in learning and adapting capabilities when games are involved and if you want people to remember your brand and interact with your website by a large margin. This is indeed a scope you should look into.

5 Options – And that’s Just Warming Up

If you’re reading this, we believe that you know that those alone can be the starting point of your success, and you may now know when and where to start and how to do things right. At Synapse, we specialize in developing custom-made solutions based on those principles in a way that’ll attract your target audiences. If you want to step up to the next level – Let us know by leaving your details below, and we’ll contact you ASAP.

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This one can be intense, however the higher the danger, so is the prizes. Advancing your site utilizing games can be an incredible activity that can altogether profit you. Studies show a huge improvement in learning and adjusting abilities when games are included and assuming you need individuals to recall your image and cooperate with your site by a huge margin. This is without a doubt a degree you should investigate.

If you’re reading this, we believe that you know that those alone can be the starting point of your success, and you may now know when and

5 Awesome Ways to Boost your SEO Performance