5 Best Apps to Run your Business

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The market is full of applications that make it easy to manage your business. Some allow you to create marketing strategies, others let you create a brand, and they are those that help you plan your entire year. 

However, there are too many apps and too little time. You can’t go through all of them to decide, can you? You don’t have to. In this blog, I have narrowed down the top five apps you can download right now to add that extra jazz to your business.

Why use apps to run your business?

If you’re more a hands-on guy who, like me, irked at the need to use apps, you are not alone. It is very valuable to get down and deal with all the complex systems to maintain your business. 

But is it, though?

Starting your business is getting complex and maintaining it a lot more. And for a modern entrepreneur, such complications can destroy the enterprise before it gets a chance to shine. Using simplified apps makes running the business easier and it makes it better. Here is how:

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Providing more value to the customers

Technology has significantly changed how we do business. Whether completing transactions or communicating with our customers, technology now takes priority. 

Mobile apps make it easier for the customers to reach out to us and us to them. Most apps allow brand owners to create a brand and foster a relationship with an audience. 

That crowd often consists of those we can turn into prospects for our products. Applications give us an insight into our audience’s understanding of our offerings – an aspect we can use to provide more value.

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Valuable customer insights

If you have an app that lets you look at the likes and dislikes of your customers, even personal ones, would you look at that gift horse in its mouth? Getting information about your audience’s preferences lets you fine-tune our branding strategies and your products and services. 

The more attuned you become to your customer’s needs, the more trust you can gain. It will cause a chain reaction that would help you earn more profits. 

Provide special services and features

Mobile applications are available that help you provide unique services to your customers. It can be designing, content writing and even remote software management. Helping your customers with these apps make you stand out – which is critical for your business growth. 

While I can write an entire article to describe the benefits that applications bring to your business, that’s not the topic of this blog. 

So before I further let my enthusiasm sabotage me, let’s get to the five juiciest apps that will help you run your business. 

Top 5 Apps for Business

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Gram (Now known as PLAN)

This app got people most excited. Why? Because having this means saying buy-buy to micromanaging your Instagram feeds. 

Not only does this little app let you move your pics around, but it learns about how you want your feed to look. The features don’t end here, however, as this nifty little application also helps you schedule your posts properly. 

If you’re using Instagram for your business (if you don’t, what the hell are you doing?) you needed this app yesterday. 

Don’t you want to spend money right away on this app? Don’t worry. There is a free trial version for desktops.

One of the factors that captured my attention about PLANN is its well-planned systems. It has a simple interface, but hiding behind each button is a comprehensive functionality that can change anyone’s Instagram game. 

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Do you want to become more than good at photo editing but don’t have the patience for Photoshop? Canva is your friend. It has all the options you need to create kickass designs but none of the technical baggage required to master advanced tools. Whether you want to create a business banner, a poster. or edit a small video, Canva has it all. 

And don’t forget the fun part. It is FREE. Yes, there are some advanced tools that you can gain access to if you choose the premium membership. But, the tools you can use with the free version can be enough in many cases.

Do more with less – that’s the mantra of Canva. The options it provides are so minimalistic. But if you have an artist’s sight, you can use those minor tools to create amazing images fit for your brand. 

Now that the app is also available on the phone, it hasn’t compromised any options. What options you got on Desktop are also available on mobile. So, if you like to play with designs while taking an Uber, Canva is your companion. 

A Color Story

I have tried my hands on many photo editing apps during the past few years, but none of them can beat A Color Story. 

Created by the same folks who gave us “A Beautiful Mess”, a Color Story can beautify any picture that you want. 

The fun part of this app is color separation. If you’re like me – not a trained photographer – but want to add more life to the pics you click, A Color Story has many easy-to-use options. Just select a palette and apply it to the image you want. 

And if you don’t want to scratch your brain worrying about every little design, the app also comes with custom filters. Add these filters depending upon the mood you want to show through your pics. 

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Trello is one of the best project management tools available online. I can’t count how much this free-to-use business-app has helped me keep my project on track. 

When working on many projects, you want to give equal attention to them all, but it is not easy. You can’t expect to be in front of the system all day; you need a break to stay productive. Trello neatly organizes every task you already have, you are, and you will perform on digital post-its. Think of it like a Snippet, but more organized and reliable. 

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Google Drive

Do you want to create your project, manage them and collaborate with your team in one place? 

Google Drive is your friend. This cross-platform app allows you and your team to work together on a project, regardless of your team’s platform. Create and edit documents ranging from word files to spreadsheets, drawings, and slide shows on this online app that you can access using your phone, laptops, desktops, and more. 


Apps make running a business better. And with these tops apps to run your business, you can start your entrepreneurial journey without any development background. The modern era of apps is inclusive, simple to use and requires little to no technical expertise. So, don’t miss out on them.