5 Changes that the Instant Generation Brought to the Marketing Table

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Wait, it’s already here?


It’s faster than ever and has no mercy for those who don’t keep up. The instant desire for an instant outcome had already spread like wildfire, and no one had the resources (Or will) to put it down. 


It’s around a decade since this approach was adopted by millions of people worldwide, and we already have a generation born and grown straight towards it. With that kind of impact, there’s no surprise that the marketing basics were almost wholly shifted toward other directions – And that’s why you should perform a checkup to see if you’re doing what’s needed to keep bringing results in a time when everyone expected to arrive in a matter of seconds. 


Where should you look, and what can be changed? Let’s dive in and see where the magic can be applied.


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Go with Minimal Messaging


Instant also refers to people having much lower patience compared to previous times. If so, your ads or posts should be written by that rule: If you can post the same message with 5 words or 7, go with 5. 


Don’t use fancy openings; they are not 100% necessary to deliver your message. Instead, let them know what you offer and why it’s good at the lower amount of possible words – Or suffer the consequences.


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Pick the Right Media for this Audience


Pictures, designs, and videos are amazing – But let’s go one step further. Instead of just picking one of them to mark another “V” in your checklist, you should choose the image that catches the potential customer’s eyesight ASAP (i.e., a sentence that refers to him, a pretty person looking towards the viewer, stimulating effects and so on). And this should also be applied and duplicated in your videos.


If your video isn’t engaging in the first few seconds, it won’t be viewed further. So the first impression is more important than ever for those fellas, and they won’t give you a second chance to prove otherwise.


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Start Pivoting at the Speed of Light


Knowing when to quit and turn around is a unique skill for sailing on the high seas and doing proper marketing for the younger generations. If something doesn’t work or stops working, it’s time to try something different. 


Try to foresee it or at least detect it quickly, and run as many options as possible (While keeping a fair budget for each of them). That way, you’ll know faster the best route for your brand, product, or service.


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Analyze Everything


When you’re doing a detailed survey, you’re given so many pieces of information you can connect, but when it comes to viewing a campaign for those that prefer everything on the go, it can seem quite an impossible feat.


Create an infrastructure that considers everything, such as analytics, heat maps, and customer journeys. With that, you can find out your strengths and weaknesses and where things drop in the middle of the way. This way, you can shorten the trial and error route and get better results more efficiently.


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Appear Everywhere


So, those guys have a short temper? No sweat.

Instead of only focusing on making people see your ads for a longer time, how about making it hard to miss you?


Remarketing banners, various placements, and different ways to deliver your message among various social networks are magnificent ways to make people remember what you do. 


After all, that will increase the chances they’ll pick your service or product when the need for it arises.


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Pick the Right People for the Task


Yeah, we’ve talked about five ways, but the sixth one is something we can’t keep to ourselves. 


At Synapse, we know how the instant generation behaves and its interests, and we’d be more than happy to share our findings with your brand, company, or business to deliver better results faster than you’d expect. So leave your details below, and one of our experts will contact you ASAP.