5 Effective Ways to Determine if your 2022 Digital Strategy

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You’ve invested many work hours, resources, and efforts towards this. 


So why aren’t you doing the same to ensure it’ll happen?


Many businesses, companies, and organizations do this yearly: They will drive around the clock in the last months of every fiscal year, only to keep changing what was agreed (In the excellent scenario) or ignore it entirely and wonder what the hell happened along the way.


Instead of finding out about it only when it’s too late, we have gathered a few valuable ways you can mine the needed information and find out if the digital marketing strategy is going the way you’ve planned. It can be described as if the agreed steps have indeed been done or by checking if the KPIs stand out. Either way – Let’s begin.


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Determine a Quick Summary of what Needed to Happen


Sometimes, strategies can be a burden. For example, if you don’t have anything summarized into action items, goals, and KPIs, then it’s easy to get lost in the process and forget what you’re trying to do in the first place. 


Go through the strategy again, and map the important things that needed to happen according to the timeline. Then, you can check if they were launched according to the initial planning, and after that – You can examine the results and see how you are located compared to the goals that were agreed upon.


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Ask for Ways to Improve what’s Going on Currently


If the strategy is loud and clear for everyone, they should know what needs to be achieved, how, and why. By asking that question, you can see if they’ve planned ahead or at least have an idea of the issues you’re currently facing and how to deal with them. 


Getting answers to “Everything’s fine” won’t be accepted unless they can prove that they’re doing their best – So don’t let the automatic answers deceive you.


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Ask for a Progress Chart


If the strategy is correct, you should see improvement during the months. By asking this specific chart, you can understand what was achieved, when, and by which particular set of actions. 


If you see a drop in any metrics, demand a reason. It may be due to a cause that isn’t the fault of anyone in your organization, but you should be able to get a demonstration that’ll be detailed enough.


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Check the Budgets 


One of the most crucial aspects of your strategy is the budget. First, check and see if what you defined was spent, and if not, don’t hesitate to ask why. The same principle follows, of course, in cases where the budget was overspent. 


Each penny should be explained, and you should thank us for letting you find out about it before the amount doubles in size.


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Test your Employees


A good PPC expert should know about what’s going on in current campaigns and if they belong to a particular marketing ark. The same can be said about other roles such as marketing managers, social managers, etc. 


Suppose they know why they’ve uploaded a particular post or designed this specific banner with a distinctive logo and certain colours. In that case, that’s a good indicator that your strategy was published to the relevant people behind the wheel. It also indicates that it was honoured and appreciated by those who must commit to it and execute it for the world.


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The Best Way to Ensure the Strategy Wheels are Rolling


Synapse’s unique capabilities have created a method to ensure that every digital marketing strategy will be delivered based on your goals, ambitions, values, and more. And we have the infrastructure to send to everyone who should be involved, as well as ensure that it will happen according to the agreed timeline. 


If you value strategies as we do, then feel free to contact us by leaving your details in the form – And one of our experts will contact you ASAP.