5 Grand Ideas for SEO Content Pieces for your Website

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We’re all agreeing here that content is king.


And we also know the tight correlation between good content and SEO performance, true?


After we have those 2 agreements, we can carry on helping you find the best practices for content you can write about and post on your website. While the industries and niches are vast, the principles and types of content you can upload are limited. With that in mind, we’ll present to you the idea itself and show you how it can be used properly.


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Everyone likes to know new things, especially in this time and age. If you know something that has a demand (I.e., picking the right mortgage plan, finding a prime location for a vacation, etc.), then it’s time that you’ll do something with it. 


A guide has some unique advantages

  1. People are explicitly looking for it online
  2. You can quickly generate texts of 1,000 words and beyond 
  3. It’s easy to implement the right keywords in context
  4. Inserting images and videos to demonstrate your point brings more people that’ll spend more time on your website
  5. You can enjoy people linking your guides and sharing them with others


Those 5 advantages are more than something to rely on – So start by finding what you can write about and seeing how it turns into a traffic machine!


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There’s a reason why one of the most primal and popular ways to make a profit on the internet is blogging. You can write about so many things from different angles, host people, and share your ideas with the world. 


While a guide must have accurate info, a blog can be your hub for personal feelings and experiences. If you know how to tell about them interestingly – You’re halfway there.


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Tips & Tricks


People love to learn new things, but they don’t have the time or patience. Posting short articles separated into parts is a magnificent way to write different content pieces quickly. A tip can be 50-100 words long, and you can pick a topic to break into different ones and easily craft an inspiring new page of wonder into your website. 


A particular virtue of this type is that it’s a great thing to promote on social networks because it quickly fits the bill of giving value.


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When new things are being released, people search for them – So why shouldn’t you participate in it? 


Reviews are a great example of real-time marketing. You talk about something everyone is discussing, allowing you to share your thoughts on social networks and other communities and websites. 


We highly encourage you to write about things that genuinely interest you and honour the fanbase (Unless you believe that every publicity is good publicity).


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Story Telling


Who said you must tell everything the same way you did in prior years? So why should you limit yourself to only the dry details?


It’s time to bring magic into your service by telling a story about your brand, business, or organization. It may look hard at first, but what about your origins? Attractive traits of the founder or its executives? Fascinating stories that happened with customers and suppliers?


If you dedicate a few minutes of thought to it, we’re sure that you’ll find some great beginning to epic stories – And we hope that the ending will be swell


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5 Types – One Premium Solution


All of those content pieces hide so much information and possibilities – And we invite you to start using them in your everyday routine. At Synapse, we have multiple talents in content creation that are eager to help bring your experience, vision, and knowledge into words that’ll be sure to create an impact. Want to learn more? Contact us now, and one of our professionals will contact you ASAP.