5 Guidelines to Find what’s your Digital Marketing Destiny

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As of today, deciding to go with digital marketing is quite natural. 


After all, every company and business (At least one founded after 2000) that respects itself has any sort of digital representation (Via a website, business page, landing page, and so on). All of this is summed up into a market that keeps expanding (as long as there is a need for marketing (A demand that’ll probably keep thriving forever).


However, choosing this field will require you to look further into yourself. With such a vast world, it’s best advised to start with something rather than trying to chew everything at once.


In this article, we will summarize some of the most known roles in the industry, followed by some similar traits that many of those who do it share. With that, you can take an educated guess and learn more about what fits you best – And even learn more about you as a person.


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The Social Manager – A Great Place to Start


When we’re talking about digital marketing, it’s hard to find a business or a brand that doesn’t have any sort of presence in that matter. 


While you can find both novice and advanced takes for that position, this is an excellent place to start because you have a “taste” and “feel” of any social network without having to learn many technical terms (Posting, commenting, and answering is relatively easy in every platform). 


With that in mind, they also have insights from two different roles – The content writer (i.e., they write posts) and the campaign manager (i.e., they check post statistics and make reports). After all, this is quite a fun position (Especially if the client gives you freedom of creativity) that we believe anyone should experience.


However, please note this – Sometimes, it’s hard to prove your “worth.” While the Campaign Manager can show his results, the social manager can face questions such as “Why do I need all those posts,” “I’ll just write them on my own,” and so forth – So be ready to face them (Maybe we’ll devote another article for that.


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The Campaign Manager – A Game of Numbers


If you have an eye for numbers, this one’s probably more suited for you. The campaign manager will keep turning media budgets into leads, purchases, and awareness, and they have access to various metrics that need to be presented to the customer – CPA, CPC, CTR, and so forth.


While this world is vast and full of things to discover, it has more responsibility. While dealing with money (Sometimes tens and even hundreds of thousands daily) isn’t something to loaf around with, you’ll be the first to be asked about any disturbance in the sales funnel.


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The SEO Expert – Everything Goes


If you’re an all-rounder, the fascinating area of search engine optimization can be your kick. This subject covers matters such as link exchanging, content writing, sitemaps, page speed, and many other parameters, both technical and “spiritual.” 


If you have the capability to examine a website from the ground up and perform different tasks every day, you should check this one out.


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The Social Social – Influencer Marketing


If you’re less into the manual part of digital marketing (Scheduling posts, launching a paid campaign, checking code) – Then maybe this one is for you. This role is heavily based on contacting and maintaining connections with influencers from different segments, and as we can see – There are many projects you can assist with. 


If you’re more into talking and communicating – There’s a high chance this one’s for you.


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Maximum Creativity, Sort of – The Graphic Designer


This title makes many want to excel in this position, but the truth must be told – There are two major types of graphic designers:


The Executioner – This one will constantly develop new designs, usually according to a pre-agreed template, without much of a wiggle to create a significant change.


The Thinker – This type is much more creativity-based, taking part in dedicated projects such as branding, creating a design-based language, etc.


We can find people who are in love with each of those types, so the only one who can answer what’ll fit you more is no other than… you.


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Heavy Walls – The Content Writer


You have encountered the text part in the social manager and SEO expert paragraphs, but this one has a larger magnitude. The content writer can write anything, starting from marketing articles, blog posts, social updates, guides, transcripts, manuals, translations, slogans, and more (We prefer to include copywriting under this wing).


We believe this part can have many interesting experiences, but the question should be if you can deal with enormous amounts of texts that vary in styles, lengths, and so forth. Some clients will want technical-heavy walls of text, while others will demand that you’ll write the best text for a button on an app. Pick this only if you’re up to quite a whirlpool of concepts.




No Matter what you’ve Picked – We’ve got the Rest


Deciding what to go with shouldn’t be discarded in a minute, hour, or even a week. Each of those roles demands a respected learning curve; you’ll need to deliver results if you want to grow constantly. 


However, you’re not alone in this. Synapse offers various digital marketing services, including those mentioned and many others. So if your struggle comes from worrying about not being able to represent your skill set, fear not. We’ll be happy to complete your offer and offer all the services you lack (Or take those you do know how to deal with but don’t have the time or will to) – Leave your details below to find out how we can cooperate, in a worthy model that’ll allow you to profit.