5 Lead Magnet Ideas to get you started

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Lead magnets are the free stuff to provide to your prospects to attract their contact details. 


It is a concept as old as marketing itself. Every annoying phone call you receive and every cold email in your inbox is courtesy of lead magnets. 


How did you end up like this? One day you opened a website, and you downloaded an eBook that encapsulates the website’s offerings in one neat sheet. The next thing you know, your inbox is flooded with newsletters and articles and blogs. 


Now imagine yourself on the other end. As a marketer, the only way you can get customers is when you have leads. And the only way for you to gather leads is to attract them with your free offerings. 


Creating a lead magnet – a free offering that gives you the contact details of your prospective customers – takes up a lot of energy. For someone just getting started, expending that much power into something might not be a good idea. 


So, what about turning the contents you already have into lead magnets?


In this article, we’re going to reveal 5 lead magnet ideas that don’t require creating content from scratch but repurposing the ones you already have. 


But before we dive, let’s take a look at the importance of lead magnets. 







Why are lead magnets important?

Detractors often believe that just bringing the traffic to the website is enough. While it can be enough for simple blogging sites, where the goal is to attract readers and make them stay longer, what if your website is running a business?


Will you make do with the “readers” then?


Running an online business requires not just traffic but customers. And to get customers, you have to find a way to approach your readers. Lead magnets enable that. They help you get into contact with visitors. 


With lead magnets, you go beyond the pursuit of more traffic. Instead, you go for those readers who might be interested in your offerings. 






Lead Magnet Ideas to help you turn your visitors into leads

Now that you know the importance of developing a lead magnet, here are the top 10 lead magnet ideas you can implement without much effort. 



An eBook is perfect if you have many blog posts about a particular subject. For instance, suppose your website is about helping beginners with SEO; you can turn your single-page article into a multi-page eBook. 


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If you want to give even more value to your visitors, you can compile multiple articles on a topic into a single eBook. 


Why is it valuable? 

It improves the lives of your visitors. They can find every relevant content in one place instead of putting a lot of effort into navigating your entire website to find the article they seek. Now, I know it might seem counterproductive. However, the easier it becomes for the reader to access your content, the easier it becomes for you to turn your traffic into convertible leads.



If the industry you’re a part of is already well established, creating original content is challenging. 


When you go into research mode, you’ll end up encountering detailed content on the same topic to which you can’t add anything else. That’s when you flip the script and come up with an ultimate guide. 


An ultimate guide is a collection of the best resources you can find on the internet regarding a subject. Is it the same as an eBook? No, it couldn’t be any more different. In an eBook, you’re repurposing your content into a lead magnet. Here, you’re creating a collection of the best articles and linking them to the other sites. 


But what advantage would you get by linking the content of the ultimate guide to other websites? 


You’ll get leads. Remember that the goal of a lead magnet is not to generate traffic but to turn the already present traffic into leads that you can convert into customers. 








Bonus Packs

Do you know what makes your visitors feel rewarded? Your additional offerings. When your audience gets additional – bonus – content from you that’s not readily available on your website, you can gain their trust. 


These bonuses are nice rewards for your leads. However, you’d need to put in some effort to create such bonuses. 


That being said, what additional content you provide dictates how much extra work you need to put in to create the lead magnet. For instance, you can provide links to your other website or a video in the eBook. It won’t take any effort but still, make your visitors feel rewarded. 


Resource Libraries

If you’ve cooked up a precious blog post covering multiple points, you can concoct a resource library as a lead magnet. 


A resource library is a collection of resources – tools that help people achieve tangible results. 


For instance, you can create a blog post titled “Video Marketing Tools to make it on YouTube.” and provide a download detailing those video marketing tools. It is a perfect resource for those who want to be online creators. 


Think about your business and what potential resources you can provide in your sector. 






You know about the guest blogs, don’t you? They are the perfect components to help you get quality backlinks on popular websites. Now, learn about guestbooks. 


Guest blogs are highly valuable content that you post on a reputed website. As a rule of thumb, these websites don’t allow you to copy those blogs anywhere. Also, Google frowns at the sight of duplicate content and is quick to drop your site’s ranking down. 


What you can do, however, is draft an eBook that compiles your guest blogs. As it would be a downloadable content gated behind a lead form, Google won’t flag it as duplicate content. 


Also, it will help you milk the content that you’ve worked so hard for.



Lead generating ideas are many, and among them, lead magnets earn the top spot. You now know of the top five lead magnets you can use to gather your audience’s info to further push them into the marketing funnel until you make a sale.