5 Metric Combinations you can use to Further Define the Success of your Campaigns

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After reviewing some of the most irrelevant metrics you can find in your paid campaigns manager, it’s time to go with an optimistic vibe and find the best combos you can use to your advantage in digital marketing.


We’re looking for practical options, meaning that if it applies to the mass audience, we’d prefer it over the top almost “Top-secrets” tips and hacks you can use for particular tasks. In addition, we will not discuss bugs that weren’t planned, but trust us – We believe that the average folk will find at least one new perspective or way to analyze the data in the closest report that’s due ahead


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Reach + Impressions


Knowing how many people have viewed your ads is crucial. Of course, you pay money to get the message to as many people from the relevant audiences as possible, and you do want it to happen. But, you also want to know how efficient was the distribution process.


By comparing both stats, you’ll know how many people have viewed your ad and how many times. For example, if you and I have seen the same ad three times, it’s 2 reach and 6 impressions. What does it mean? Maybe you could’ve gotten 3 people to watch the ad 2 times instead (Using proper methods such as excludes, bigger audiences, and learning when an audience needs to be refreshed). 


While some cases benefit from a high ratio of reach/impressions (i.e., remarketing & brand awareness), the other cases shouldn’t get more than 2-3 average impressions per 1 reach – So always count them together! The same applies to CPM for both metrics, knowing how much of your money goes to getting new people watching.


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3 Second Views + Thruplays


While we believe that the 3-second view isn’t something too shabby, this mix can give you an indication of how many people actually stay and watch your vid. Likewise, the 12 seconds gap isn’t something too long and seeing that more than 50% of the first metric isn’t there for the second one can be a strong indication that something didn’t work with the video you’ve posted. 


With that in mind, a more terrific way to investigate this is to launch the graph of how many users have dropped per second, enhancing your overall capability to analyze the problematic parts.


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Clicks + Landing Page Views


Look at those clicks and CTR! This is amazing!

While some campaigns give us great numbers, we still need to know how many of them matter. This combination gives us insights into how many of the clicks were intentional and the overall experience. 


For example, 10 clicks with 3 landing page views mean that 70% of your traffic was lost somewhere along the way. This translates to fewer conversions, interactions, sales, and leads. 


In that case, you should check what’s going on with your digital asset. It could be speed issues, connectivity errors, or a lousy transition for mobile phones and tablets (Or even a bad experience for specific operating systems). If you want to take this further, add the “Outbound clicks” feature that tells you how many clicks have made people leave Facebook’s premises by clicking.


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Reach/Impressions + Engagement Rate


What’s the best indicator to know that your new audiences work? Meet this rule.

The better the audience, the higher the rate it’ll engage by clicking, looking, visiting, commenting, sharing, and so on.


If your reach has improved by 20% and your engagement stayed the same (Or it didn’t get the same bonus or more), then it means that you’ve maybe increased the overall number of people seeing, but at least some of them aren’t relevant). 


It would be best if you always put your finger around engagement rates because only then you’ll understand the potential of your audiences and messages.


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CTR + Add to Cart + Checkout + Purchase


This is the way to look into your eCommerce process. Each one of those steps is based on a critical event that needs to occur to get the buying process rolling. 


Suppose you’re seeing a sudden drop in one of those stages. In that case, you’ll have an idea of where to look and improve the overall experience and increase your conversion rates rather quickly, with a much more accurate way than alternative methods.


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