5 Places you can Use to Promot your Business for Free

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What are the toughest challenges in terms of operating and managing your business?


Some will answer with the issues of handling the workforce, finding suppliers, customer service, etc. But, in the end, when we mention the act of promoting the business itself, we suddenly notice a spark or an “oh” moment. 


Why? Because promoting your business is one of the most crucial yet complex tasks you need to have in your industry. Customer relations are important, but this part becomes obsolete if you don’t have them coming. You’ll not pay suppliers if you don’t have money coming in, and you don’t need as many employees without the customers that’ll keep them engaged. 


After we’ve cleared that branch, worry not – we have some exciting ideas about where you can advertise your business without worrying about the media budget because there isn’t any. Let’s start with five excellent examples:


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Facebook Groups


This one is a must. Why? Because even the most detail-heavy targeting can’t be as accurate as a well-handled group. Looking for mothers for small infants? Pick a group. People, who aim to be actors? There are quite a few groups for that. Construction workers? The same applies here as well. 


Start mapping related groups, and then continue your research: Where can I post an ad? Where do I need to create a discussion or answer one? If you go on a blind rampage, you’ll soon find yourself banned without any results.


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Linkedin Messaging


While this one is more focused on B2B business, it’s powerful and efficient. Start adding relevant connections based on relatable positions, roles, companies, education levels, etc. 


After that, it’s time to contact them and offer at least one virtue that’ll interest them: Save costs, increase sales and revenue, save staffing, and so on. If you do it right, you’ll have a strong Linkedin profile and high-quality leads that can turn into incredible profits.


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Every business has at least one match in terms of complimentary options. For example, if you manufacture teapots, then a tea company is a great place to start, and that’s only one example of so many available mixtures and combinations. 


Contact at least one of those who can bond with you on a severe level, and from there – It’s an almost infinite potential: Put banners, link to each other, create a bundle for sale, and so on.


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While this isn’t entirely free in the classic concept, it still counts as something you don’t pay for. Why? Because if the affiliate didn’t sell, he doesn’t get anything. 


You can “hire” even 100,000 people to affiliate your business – you’ll only pay for success. How do begin? You only need a reliable system that can create intelligent links; from there – it’s time to spread the word (to be honest, it’s their job!)


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Be a Guest


If you have the knowledge and expertise, it’s time to show it to others. Many people in your segment have different media channels such as podcasts, blogs, etc. What does it mean? It’s an opportunity for you to get a free advertisement. 


Write an article, shoot a video or be the title of the following week’s podcast episode. From there, the admin will get a new content piece he didn’t need to create, and you’ll get recognition as someone who knows what he’s talking about.


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It’s all for Free, but what about your Time?


While all those suggestions can happen to start today without you needing to invest a dime in media budgets, one question remains: Do you have the time and patience to do so? Browse through hundreds of groups, research for an article, contact people, and so on.


If the answer is negative, we have a positive one: Our professionals at Synapse will dedicate their time to performing those tasks for you, in addition to multiple new ways and methods you can enjoy. Ready to let others work for you? Leave your details below, and we’ll contact you ASAP.