5 Principles that’ll Allow you to Find if your Digital Marketing Lessons are worth your Time & Buck

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Everyone wants to excel in the matters that relate the most to their career and leisure. However, when it comes to digital marketing – It seems as if there’s not a single person who can’t benefit from knowing a thing or two about operating business pages, creating and analyzing campaigns, and fully grasping the things that change most when comparing terrific and terrible ads.


For that reason, many courses, guides, books, and webinars were launched in the hopes of making you a digital marketing grandmaster, but as can one guess – There are quite a few problematic ones that you should avoid if you’re running away from a fire. 


In this article, we will list a few principles that will help you locate the best practice to identify a good source of digital marketing academy – Sometimes by showing what NOT to do.


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The Dates


A good digital marketing course needs to showcase one of its most known attributes – The digital world is dynamic. What it means is that what was true five years ago can be irrelevant ultimately, and the same can be sometimes said about material taught only a few months ago.


In that case, every course that wasn’t updated, changed, or refreshed in the recent year has a high chance of wasting your money, time, and talent.


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The Depth


During the years, we have encountered courses that offered so much in terms of different subjects, covering almost every digital network or service one needs to know – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, and so on. Sounds good and whole? One might say so, but the bottom line is that all those topics were covered in 2-3 hour sessions.


If you think you can even get an idea regarding how to succeed on Facebook based on a lesson of 3 hours (including breaks!), then you’re in for a treat. A good class will dive further, even if it means more time for you. After all, no one will seriously consider hiring a worker or a supplier with that knowledge.


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The Reviews


You belong to the generation that can get the truth to be spat in its face with a few clicks. So if you’re looking at recommendations and experiences from previous consumers when you decide to buy a simple product or service, you should do the same regarding a course that can be pricy. 


See the reviews, and see if they’re well placed over the years (i.e., not posts that were bombed during one week for a course that has existed for months). See if they seem valid, and if you have the chance – Then track (Or ask to talk with) some of those recommendations and hear about them for yourself. Don’t be shy!


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The Teacher(s)


Do the lessons seem good enough in terms of interest and length? That’s awesome – Because now we can go on with one of the most important aspects: A good teacher can turn a shitty presentation into a masterpiece, and vice versa.


Ask and learn about those behind the wheel: What’s their experience? Whom have they worked with? Are they considered to be patient and ready to answer questions?


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The Examples


A good practice, in theory, can be nice, but it’s nothing compared to what you’ll face eventually. 


Ask about how you’ll interact and prove that you’ve genuinely listened in class. Will you have home exercises? How about their projects? Will someone review the work and give you the proper tools to allow you to get your independence?


A good course is one where you can advance to a career in the field, and if you don’t feel that you have it (And no one there is willing to help you find your way), you might have been tricked – Simple as that.


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The Team that can Leave it all Behind


While we have no problem if you decide to learn everything on your own, there’s another option. At Synapse, we have people suited to give a full spectrum of services around the clock, saving you the valuable time you can invest in your business instead. Leave your details below, and one of our experts will contact you ASAP to find the best approach to promote your business.