5 Small Business Must-have Apps



This post could have gone on forever. There are so many great applications for your smartphone today that can assist you in organizing your small business. While it was challenging to narrow it down, we didn’t want to write a 15-page article. It is not feasible for me to write it, and not viable for you to read it. Keeping it simple and getting on with it is the best policy, so let’s get started!

Whether your small business is running a blog or selling handmade jewelry on Etsy, these apps will revolutionize how you do business. They are all available for iOS and Android devices (and, of course, PC).





Today’s internet connectivity allows businesses to hire freelancers from around the world or have their employees work from home. Your business must have a great communication app for connecting with these professionals. The best option in such a situation is Slack.


What is the purpose of Slack? Depending on your needs, you can create different channels for conversations, assigning them to various departments, projects, or clients. Whenever necessary, your team members will be able to join and leave each channel. Additionally, users can send direct messages to one another, make important announcements, send links, share files from their computer and Google Drive, and use the application on their mobile devices.

In addition to storing critical business information, Slack can also be utilized as a storage platform. In this way, everyone can refer back to previous conversations. The benefit of Slack is that you can include it in all virtual channels, which allows you to keep track of what is happening within your organization.

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G Suite

It is necessary to organize different ideas, share files among team members, and monitor the progress of your work when running your business. These features are available in G Suite in one convenient location. Additionally, you will be able to delegate tasks, create different types of documents, and store them on a cloud-storage service called Google Drive. Isn’t that brilliant?

Additionally, since Google powers G Suite, your business will have access to many popular applications such as Gmail, Calendar, Forms, Sites, Docs, Hangouts, etc. Team members can access all these apps through their laptops, tablets, or smartphones as long as they have an internet connection. Using G Suite, your organization can enjoy maximum mobility and limitless productivity, regardless of location.




With Melio, users can conveniently pay bills by bank transfer and debit card for free, even for vendors who only accept checks. This service is only available to small businesses in the United States.

It is a free solution that managers can access immediately from any internet-enabled device, such as a laptop or smartphone. It is perfect for entrepreneurs and professionals looking for a way to manage cash flow and pay bills without spending much money on accounts payable software.

Users can schedule automatic payments in Melio, so they do not have to worry about late fees or paying too early. Moreover, the platform features payment approval workflows, allowing managers to invite users or accountants to access the platform while maintaining complete control over the approval process.




Your business needs a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to support your sales and marketing teams. You can accomplish this with ConvergeHub.

It is common knowledge that it is vital to identify opportunities, generate potential leads, and build long-term relationships with your customers to grow a business. These activities will ultimately result in the growth of sales your company seeks, regardless of whether you offer products or services. You do not have to worry about any of these issues, as ConvergeHub handles them all for you.

This application stores information regarding leads and customers sends automated relationship-management emails and provides after-sales support to customers. To ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page in the sales and marketing process, you may invite other team members. Thanks to ConvergeHub, your account managers, customer service representatives, and marketing staff will love their jobs even more.

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You can utilize Quickbooks to monitor the financial health of your SMB when it comes to accounting. Quickbooks maintains a record of all business revenues and expenditures. Besides generating and storing different financial statements, it also allows you to upload files, such as pictures of official receipts, to track monthly, quarterly, and annual expenses.

Integrate Quickbooks with your business bank account, PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard to simplify and speed up financial transactions. Automating your payroll system and the payment of outstanding invoices is possible. Finally, You can also use Quickbooks to prepare your business taxes.

Whether you use it on your desktop or smartphone, Quickbooks is your entire finance department in one app.


The Tip of the Iceberg

In this modern era, one can enjoy many apps that’ll make life easier. However, if you want to maximize the potential fully, you need the right team to use them. Our pros at Synapse have all the knowledge required.

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