5 Tips for Fashion Stores that plan on a Digital Marketing Presence

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After taking care of the retail and restaurant segment, we’re advancing in our quest to further help businesses by examining popular niches and picking some exciting and unique methods for every matching business owner to use for their good. 


This time, we’ll be focusing on the fashion store industry. While some view it as a physical entity, some will argue that it’s best described as one of the most prominent digital eCommerce options, while you can always find others who’ll combine the two and insist that this is the way to go. 


Whatever you prefer, here are some bits tailored from our knowledge that we believe can have a greater impact on your fashion-oriented business, and you’re more than welcome to see if we’re right about it.


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Instagram Shopping

Have you ever seen a post on IG where you’ve seen the products being tagged? This option (Which also exists on Facebook, by the way) grants you the ability to load all of the products from your digital shop into Facebook’s database and tag products on a picture that presents popups with the price. 


This is a fascinating way of showcasing your goods in different ways, allowing them to learn what clothes the models wore or save questions about “Where can I get it???”


The tag leads to your product pages, so here are some problems solved with one click!


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One of the best ways to deliver your new collection is demonstrating how it’ll look on a known influencer, especially if they’re known for their looks, style, and fashion sense. For example, one glimpse of a summer dress in a picture can raise questions, followed by those who’ll wish to have the same look for themselves.


When those urges rise, you can translate them into sales!


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This type of ad allows you to show ten slides in one ad spot, and while it can be used for different kinds of businesses, this one’s the 1# fit for it. 


You can show your new collection pieces in one take or include a “gate” to each type of apparel you offer. I.e., one slide can lead to t-shirts, while the second one will link to your line of coats. Use this feature wisely, and find what will work best.


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Catalog Campaigns

Remember that product loading you did for Instagram Shopping? This was only the beginning. 


With all that data, you can create campaigns that’ll show all of your products to new types of audiences that aren’t available in other campaigns (Both on FB & IG). P.s. – You can also include only a few of them.


The first audience is people who’ve shown interest in similar products. If someone was looking for jeans in a competitor’s online store, your ad can appear to them and get them storming into your front!


The other type is remarketing, but with a twist. While regular remarketing usually refers to those who’ve visited your website, this one can go to those who viewed a specific item and left without purchasing it – And here’s your chance to shine with personally optimized remarketing ads, directing them into the same product page!


The potential is enormous, and we believe you’ll also do your best to utilize it for your business.


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eCommerce allows the usage of coupons, and you can combine all of the above for various ideas. 10& off on the new collection, 80% of the one that’s going off the shelves soon, and the list goes on. 


You can, of course, use it for remarketing by offering a unique discount for those who’ve already made contact with your goods, luring them back in. In the end, we believe that the world of coupons works best with the clothing industry – So be proud to belong to it!


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