5 Tips to Boost your Lead Management Capabilities


You do so much to bring leads to the table, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the fruits of your hard labour. 


While we can write quite a lot about the art of lead generation, we want to focus today on the aspect that’s beyond that point. Why? Because in the end, even if you’ll get 1,000 leads per day – If you don’t know how to handle them, you’ll be in trouble. 


This was an extreme case, but it doesn’t end there. Let’s take a business that spends 25$ a day and gets 10~ leads, but 2 of them keep being handled poorly. What does it mean? 14 leads per week and 60 per month are going to waste, which is a direct loss of 150$, not counting all the potential revenue you could’ve gotten from those missed opportunities.


Considering those numbers (Which are much more common compared to the first example), we have gathered some crucial remarks you should check with your campaigns to ensure that everything works best. Otherwise, you can always keep spending your money without achieving your full potential).




You’re Not using a CRM


There’s a reason why those initials are so famous in the business world – They are needed. While you may not need the complete package of the biggest players out there (Who usually cater to big organizations anyway), you do need to use a system that can record every lead, and its status, followed by other important info).


This is not a recommendation; this is a way where you can easily sort your leads and prevent any “disappearing” ones.




You don’t talk with them when you Should


The 1# rule in talking to leads is to speak with them as soon as possible. Don’t wait a day “to impress” or any other kind of mambo jumbo that’s not based on anything empiric. A modern lead will forget they left the details in a matter of minutes and will soon forget your ad or that your business even exists. 


Don’t hesitate – Go for broke!




You haven’t Appointed the Right Person for the Job


Talking with leads is the work of a sales expert and no one else. If you’re familiar with sales, that’s fine (And there’s no doubt that no one wants this sale more than you do), but if you don’t, give it to someone who knows how to turn this name and phone number mix into a paying customer. 


Today, one can find various success-based models that will significantly let you work with leads without worrying about losing money on sales, so no excuses are allowed here.




You Haven’t Defined the Right Fields


While studies show that the fewer fields a user needs to fill, the better chance you’ll have of getting the lead, sometimes – You need more. For example, B2B leads usually require the company’s name, number of employees, industry, and so forth. 


Besides that, when using internal fields such as Facebook Lead Generation’s campaigns, it’s best advised to enter manual fields to prevent wrong information (Many people don’t use the same email/phone they used back in 2009).




Your Ad Wasn’t Clear Enough


A good lead is a lead that has any idea of what’s going on and sends his details to get an offer, more information, or just to seal the deal. If your ad did the trick, then the first stage of learning about your new potential customer should go swiftly, but if you didn’t – prepare to get as many ricochets as possible. 


Try to include a video, write more clearly and even appoint them to an article – it may reduce the number of leads, but it can increase their quality.




Pick the Right Team to Build you a Lead Generating Funnel


After all, the best way to get good leads and extract their potential is by picking a team familiar with the whole process. At Synapse, we have hired experts that can give you all the support you need, starting from creating a digital marketing strategy aiming at lead generation and creating every step of the process, including lead management.


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