A Full Guide on Backlinking: What is Backlink?


Are you wondering if a backlink can help your overall ranking in the search engine of Google? Don’t you have enough information yet about link building, or where should you start? In this complete guide on backlinking, you will know the basics and the must-know of backlinking.


What is Backlinking?

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In these terms, a backlink is a hyperlink that comes from a website going to your webpage. However, there are still several things you must know about backlinks. First, backlinking is known to be a search engine optimization tactic. It is what digital marketers use to upgrade their website Google ranking.

It will increase the traffic on their website. The dofollow backlinks5 Awesome Ways to Boost your SEO Performance are known to be the best backlink anyone can use to improve their overall ranking. Dofollow backlinks will tell Google to analyze its backlink and use the data collected about the website to determine your web page’s rank.

On the other hand, the nofollow links will instruct the search engine bots that the backlinks must not affect the search engine index of the link targets. Moreover, there are no follow backlinks that can increase the overall exposure of a brand.


Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks are known to be votes from other web pages or websites. Every vote will tell the search engine that the content is valuable, helpful, and credible. So if you have more voices, your website will have a higher Google rank and several more search engines.

Using links in the algorithm of search engines is not new. For example, backlinks will form the foundation of the original algorithm of Google or also known as PageRank. Google has already made thousands of changes to its algorithm. However, backlinks are still used for necessary ranking signals.


How can you get a backlink?

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It can take time and effort to build a backlink in your website. However, here are seven tips you can do to start creating quality backlinks for your website.

  • On your social media profiles, add your website links.
  • Search for a post that is already ranking in Google, and you can expand it and improve.
  • Build lists posts, “why” posts, “how-to” posts, posts that come with embedded videos, or infographics. These types of formats have more backlinks than those posts that are typical.
  • Create your guidepost. These are long posts and contain thousands of covers and words related to the topic.
  • Create guest posts on other websites and blogs.
  • Contact influencers in your industry or niche and tell them about the article on your website that they may want to use as a link.
  • Interview some influencers in your industry, and you can send them links, and there will be no doubt that they will use your link.


You can also start by researching competitive backlinks. To start this, you will need to check your competitors’ backlinks, top in rank.


How will you check your backlinks?

There are various backlink monitoring tools that you can use to check your website’s backlinks, such as Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMRush, and more. Checking your backlinks are essential. 

The Google Webmaster Guidelines will require you to ask any toxic websites owners to delete their links from your website. If you do not delete the links, Google will penalize your web page, and the rank of your page will start dropping in the search result. 


That is why you need to know these three questions:

  • Where can you find all of your backlinks?
  • How will you know if it is toxic?
  • How will you contact owners of harmful backlink sites?

Thankfully, the answers to your questions are accessible with the use of the correct tools.


How can you successfully backlink?

No one size will fit all your backlinking strategies that will be successful for each company. In addition, you must put in mind that not every backlink will carry the same results. For example, a website with a high domain authority will have a more significant impact than those with lower backlink quality. 

Build a strategy that will fit your schedule and goals for you to have successful backlinks. However, it will still depend on the backlink strategy you have applied to your brand to decide what is best for you.