3 Ways to Quickly Analyze if your Campaign Runs Wrong

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Publishing a campaign after you’ve worked on it and gave it all you’ve got is indeed satisfying, but in the end, the success of your campaign will be based on its outcome, with an emphasis on costs, revenue, etc. 

Many things can be taught about optimizing campaigns, but in this article, we’ve decided to put the scope on quick and efficient ways to analyze if things go wrong – And how to try and fix them. Please notice: Those aren’t the only methods or reasons, and if you want to learn more – Feel free to contact us. 


Seeing an ad may be ok for most of us, but seeing it repeatedly can be annoying at best and enraging at worst. The frequency scale is excellent for determining when’s the right time to switch an audience or at least your ad. Usually, if you see a ratio that’s bigger than 3, it means you should start considering your audience and see if you can increase it, switch to another one or set up the next campaign in your funnel or look for another creative way to reach your goals. 

Note: In special campaigns that rely on “nagging” or “reminding” the users about your product or service, such as brand awareness or remarketing, having a high frequency can actually be beneficial.

Result Cost

This parameter relates to different possible results such as leads, purchases, adds to cart, clicks, etc., with each result having its acceptable range of costs. For example, a click for 10$ is costly, but it’s usually a reasonable price for a lead (Depends on the segment, of course). You should measure the results you get in various campaigns and get the grip about the optimal numbers and where you should take action.

Ways to fix it:

  • See if the audiences and ads do fit each other.
  • Check your conversion tracking methods are indeed working well.
  • Calculate your bids and try to see if you’re not exaggerating with the numbers. 

Notice: Campaigns can have relatively high prices in the first few hours and even days – That’s why we optimize them, so don’t try to automatically shut down everything just when everything’s started to run


Campaign Synapse

The click-through rate is a magnificent example of checking your ad’s relevancy. It’s a pretty simple equation: If your ad is good and sets up interest in your targeted audiences, the CTR is expected to be high (Depends on the platform, but at least 1%). If things go below, you should check your ad and see if it encourages the right people to click it. Sometimes, the ad is great – But you just don’t point them to the appropriate personnel.

Many Methods – One Answer

In the end, a truly experienced user should be able to identify the success or failure of his campaigns in real-time and offer at least one solid solution that he can execute. The world of PPC is vast and contains many secrets to unveil, and if you’re thinking about when to start – We offer you our services, based on years of learning, adapting, and performing for marvelous customers and brands around the world – Let us do the work in a quick and suiting way, so you could focus on other things

3 Ways to Quickly Analyze if your Campaign Runs Wrong