But which is the Real Deal? 5 Ways to Identify Influencers that’ll Boost your Brand

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What wasn’t said about the vast world of influencers?

It’s the next best thing, and it’s the root of all evil; it’s the new way to market, it’s more of the same, and so on. So the discussion keeps rolling, and many of us left in the middle wonder what they should do with their marketing budgets and strategies.

Luckily, here is some good news. First, influencers are indeed a proven way to bring traffic, engagement, leads, and sales from new and existing customers, but with that in mind – You must understand that you should perform research before you invest your budgets towards them. 

Why? Because not every influencer is suitable for your brand (Or even in general). What makes the good ones shine, and what should we look for to find out the irrelevant ones? We have created a short yet practical checklist you can use right now to sort out influencers by their relativity for you.


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Quality of Followers


The modern view for influencer-based marketing isn’t only to turn to the ones with the highest number of followers, but instead start working with those who would be the ones with a fanbase that’s as closest to your target audiences.


If you have a technical gadget that’s great for early adaptors, it’s way better to start a cooperation with an influencer with 25,000 followers of that kind rather than go with someone who has 1,000,000 followers that don’t fit the bill. 



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Their Language


Your brand is based on values, campaigns, and many other virtues that made it reach its current status. That’s why you can’t blindly pick your influencers. Instead, check out their posts – What are they talking about, and how do they do it? 


If you give your brand into a set of hands that belong to someone who doesn’t talk the same way you do – You can create quite a harm. Pick only those you see as persons who understand your brand rather than trying to fit their styles.



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Their Conversion Potential


What are you planning to achieve in your campaign?

Is it attention, video views, leads, sales, or any other type of actions that you wish to achieve? 


Think before you answer because it has a significant impact on what you will do next. 

The world of influencers is filled with accounts that can bring you all sorts of traffic, with many of them can only deliver likes. If you’re into that, that’s fine – But if you want more than a number next to a heart or thumbs up icon, you should pick your ambassadors more carefully.



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Their Values


While some see the influencers industry as stripped of depth, it’s quite the other way around. You can find many influencers that haven’t sold their souls into advertising, and that’s why you should see if their values and your brand’s values don’t create a sour mix.



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Your Audience’s Response


It’s no secret that your existing customers follow your doings, and if you do something that’ll be viewed with an evil eye, then be ready to suffer the consequences. For example, if you start a campaign with influencers that your target audiences don’t consider appropriate, you may see a loss in sales rather than the desired increase. 


Think about what your customers want to see – And act accordingly.



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