Fewer Cuts, More Profit: How can you Create a Good Promotional Video

Fewer cuts, more profit

A picture can be worth a thousand words, but videos which are a part of our lives for less than 200 years can tell a lot more. The beauty of using video for your promotions is quite essential yet powerful: You can combine text, tones, sound effects, music, images, subtitles, and many more elements into […]

Should I Create an NFT of my Own

Should I create my own NFT

If we were in your place, we would avoid asking a straightforward question: “What is NFT”? Is not knowing what NFT is a crime or something you should be deeply ashamed of? Not really, but it can mean one thing: You don’t see an opportunity when you have one right under your nose. The world […]

How People Have Changed Since 2000, and how it Affects your Marketing

You're different

Marketing is not something that can be summed up in a few words, sentences, articles, and even books – It’s a collection of marvelous and vast ideas, close to infinite researches, and outstanding resources that are invested annually for their insights alone. Marketing can be found in the history of various cultures and countries. Some […]

What are the Digital Marketing Terms that you Have to Learn

Talk like the pros

It takes one to know one! There aren’t many elements that can change how others view you, but when we’re talking about the professional world, one who can speak the language can easily fit in, prevent himself from paying too much for nothing and earn the respect of other members of that exclusive community.  This […]