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Tips Category- Synapse Reality Digital Marketing Company Welcome to David Rothstein Music. We’re the most complete music company in Chicago. We’ll play the perfect music for your ceremony, cocktails, dinner and dancing. You’ll get dozens of free upgrades to make your wedding organized, authentic and incredibly fun. We have over 20 years of thrilling couples just like you. With our separate MC, we’ll handle all your announcements and work with all your vendors, so you can relax and enjoy your big day! Everything we do is 100% customized around your personality and what makes you unique. We Celebrate You! Our wedding band plays the widest range of styles, artists and songs to keep your guests dancing all night. Your dance floor will be packed. With 1,000 songs, a full-time arranger on staff and a high energy DJ, we can play any song, artist or style you want. From Top 40 to Motown we’ve got the perfect songs all your guests will love!We’ll give you a template of your schedule and help you organize the details of your ceremony and reception. Then David will act as your separate MC. He will be free to work directly with you and your vendors. The band just plays music and you get to relax and enjoy your wedding! We welcome all of your special requests. They can be from any era, any style or any artist. Tell us the songs you love and those you don’t. We will learn and play it free of charge, even if we’ve never played it before. Then we create a set list based on what you want to hear at your wedding. During dancing, we’ll adjust the songs based on what your guests are dancing to the most.
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December 1, 2021

Preserving Harmony Between UX and UI

Running a business in today’s increasingly digital world requires investing in your web presence. The modern consumer relies on the internet to inform most of their purchasing decisions. That said, reaching your customers online is not as easy as simply…

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November 30, 2021

Keys to the VIP: What Makes a Brand in the First Place?

Well, here’s a wish that almost everyone would immediately approve: Be the owner of a successful brand, especially if it belongs to the global ones with millions and millions of satisfied customers worldwide. While the act of creating a brand…

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November 22, 2021

Make your Portfolio: What are the Main Digital Platforms, and how to Pick the Most Relevant for Your Business?

Where do I even start? Am I doing things right? Am I investing my time and resources where it counts? Those questions are a must for every business owner, brand manager, marketing officer, etc. But, unfortunately, even though every professional…

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November 16, 2021

Ready, Set, Go: 5 Important Principles for a Good Ad

How can I bring new customers? This question is the ultimate one: It drives everyone involved daily, and almost every action in the organization, company, or business will derive from that consideration alone.  While the rule of “You have to…

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