Create your own King: What’s the Best Practices to Write SEO Content

Create your own

If you’re in digital long enough, you’ve probably already learned that content is king. If you’re in SEO – You’ve probably known that already, but if you don’t, start memorizing this phrase.

The importance of using content to boost your SEO results is not something to be taken lightly, and by accepting that hypothesis, we can continue toward the following goal: Creating insightful content that will be read, forwarded, and engaged directly. After all, we write those texts to make people reach our digital assets, and that’s why you need to make sure you’ll do whatever it takes to write and produce the texts you’d love to read yourself. 


How to start? We have a few principles you should consider to increase interest, reading times, conversion rates, and much more – Let’s go.


The Title

4 Important Tips On Choosing a Research Paper Title - Enago Academy

This is what people read first! Give them an idea of what they’re going to get from this article. Is it news? Added value? Insights? Tips? The latest gossip? Why should they read it, and what they’ll be getting from it? 

Good titles tell the benefits that they grant to the reader, and unusually use other additions that boost the incentive to read: usage of numbers (5 Tips for…), writing an “ultimate,” “complete” guide, and more. 

This is only a short part of the whole article, but believe us – It’s what makes them keep going on (Just think about all of those who read a title and are sure that they know it all).


The Orientation

Nobody loves a wall text.


Use paragraphs, sub-titles (Don’t forget H1, H2, H3… formatting), and pictures (Don’t forget the alt texts) to separate the chunks of texts from one another and create order.

This is an important one. Many of those who liked the title will scroll to see what they’re facing. Truth be told, there are 400-word articles with higher bounce rates than articles with twice the world count, only because they weren’t in the proper order.


What Excites you?

Talking about something that doesn’t interest you at all is 99% bore. Instead, pick articles on topics that raise your emotion level high – Even if you hate something, you can usually talk about it for quite a while and keep the other side involved. 

Choose something that you know you can talk about with a friend, a colleague or even a boss, and from there on – You’ll see how the writing itself becomes much more fluent – And the chances of people staying to read your points increases.


Keywords, keywords, and keywords

You really didn’t think we’d skip talking about it, did you? This primary focus separates this type from regular articles, and you can’t do whatever you want – There’s a set of rules.

  • Keep the keywords as 1-2% of the total amount of words in the article
  • Plant them in a relevant matter – Don’t just use them for the sake of using them! Only use a keyword if it’s in context
  • Use a keyword in the main title and at least in one of the H2 titles
  • If you can, use the keywords in the link itself


Use SEO Experts

Yeah, we know we’re referring to ourselves, and you had probably figured it out beforehand. However, even with those precious tips, you still have to be on your toes, create exciting content strategies, invest your time writing all that you think into a page of digital paper, and hope that the words will stick. So, if you want to enjoy excellent content in your digital assets, talk to us, and we’ll make sure to appoint one of our experts for your cause – Click here for all the details.