Don’t go Out there without this: The Most Crucial Aspects for your Digital Strategy

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Over 50% of businesses and brands don’t even have a digital marketing strategy.

We repeat, 1 in 2 businesses don’t know what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and how. They try to find what works without having the infrastructure to learn why something DID work and how they can apply it to future actions. 

If you’re reading this, we can take an educated guess and say that you do have one. After all, you’re probably conducting research before making any crucial decisions, and we don’t need to convince you that this one is a must. 

However, having a digital marketing strategy isn’t enough. You need to see that it’s designated to your goals (That also needs to be checked regularly), budget, taste, market, competitors, and more – And this is the purpose of this article: Does your strategy have what it takes to be considered good?


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Budget Planning


Having a budget is superb, but you need to understand the amounts you’re planning to spend throughout the year – Emphasizing certain calendar events and business opportunities. 


Examples include various holidays that may require you to increase the budget for the specific month (Or save it for months where you have more workdays) or budgets that relate to seasonal changes (Maybe your service is more relevant during the summer days or vice versa?)


There’s no need to mention that everything can change, but in 99% of the cases, spending the exact amount of media budget every month isn’t the way you should pick.


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After you figure out what to spend in January, how do you want to divide it?

As mentioned in earlier blog posts, we strongly encourage you to spread your valuable information in various marketing channels – And each one of them should get a budget on its own.


This includes salaries and media budgets and grants you another layer that can help make the right decisions. Examples include SEO which will usually have the same spending monthly compared to Google and Facebook, which will change, sometimes by a considerable margin.


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So you already know how much to spend and how to spread it, but another question remains: On who? 


Each audience has different tastes and platforms, and you alone can tell which audiences are the ones you want to attract most. By knowing the sizes and habits of those audiences, you can further plan your budget.



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The Messages


So, you already know what’s going to go where and for who, but don’t forget that this is the summary of technical terms. Now, we can discuss one of the toughest challenges: What are you going to tell them? 


This section includes short sentences that describe your virtues, advantages, abilities, and uniqueness, and you’re going to use them to define the ads and posts creatives. While you may think that you already know your perks, putting them together in one place can sharpen your advertising and selling skills and help the other team members increase your profit. 


Always remember: People will buy your product or service because they believe that it’s worth their money and time – And they need to know why they should invest theirs in your company. So the more benefits they see, the more they want to pick you.


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Action Items


Strategy is great in theory, but even the best one can’t help you if you don’t convert it into missions and tasks that need to be done. 


Every task should be explained as simply as possible and include who’s going to do what, followed by deadlines and KPIs of success, and we highly recommend a platform where you can manage those missions efficiently.


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All this Planning – What’s Left is to Find the Best Digital Marketing Services Provider to Launch it


Creating the strategy for your business may seem like trouble, but we strongly encourage you to embrace it. However, you can use a wonderful solution today: Take an expert to create one for you, together with the ability to assure that everything will happen according to plan with the best minds available.


At Synapse, we offer both the theory and execution levels tailored for your 100% satisfaction with various digital marketing and content services available for you whenever you want – Leave your details below, and one of your experts will contact you ASAP.