10 Facebook Content Ideas to get top-tier engagement


There are many Facebook content ideas, but only a few are worth engaging. And that’s troublesome. Are you tired of working hard on your posts and getting nothing of them? Do you feel that your efforts are in vain – making it feel like engagement is slipping out of your hand? 

You are not alone.

Small businesses have turned to Facebook to level up their business in a cost-free manner – hoping to interact with the audience at a personal level. But their game is myopic – containing a short-sighted conventional approach that doesn’t stick. 

Facebook has a whole bouquet of tools waiting for you to play with, and it is time that you change the game. 

Look beyond traditional content ideology – for what lies beyond will turn your amazing ideas into relatable posts – creating engagement.

Use these content ideas for Facebook to tune your posts and turn your content into treats for the audience.



Image Content Ideas for Facebook

posts can generate 65% more engagement than long-winded textual content. 

It will add a visual appeal to your business to communicate your message to the people without any fluff. 


Texts are wordy. And unless you’re using punchlines in every sentence, you can’t make them sharable. However, with an image, your message can be as clear as water – compelling people to share it and (hopefully) make it viral.



You can increase social engagement with infographics – turning facts into creative graphs that people can’t help but enjoy. And with the right images, you can jazz up a boring graph into something relatable.

To get started, research and find the infographics with the most engagement. Use them as templates to weave your brand’s message in creative ways – catching your audiences’ eye.


Eye-catching images

An eye-catching image is like a magnet – attracting the eyes of onlookers and making them stay.

However, creating retention-worthy image posts needs a lot of research. But once you do, you can orient a popular image with your business goals. And if those pics are relatable, people won’t be able to stop themselves from paying attention.

Text Ideas for Facebook content

Wordsmiths have a way to weave texts into images, creating mental pictures in readers’ minds – stamping them with ideas. However, social media’s bread-and-butter comes from consumers with low attention spans. So, write something short, sweet and crisp – something that hammers your point gracefully but with passion.



Quotes are go-to on social media. From good morning posts to greeting those opening their Facebook IDs for the first time to humorous posts tickling their funny bones, quotes have it all. Go online, take inspiration from popular quotes and put your own spin on them.



With Facebook Polls, you have a direct line of engagement with your audience. Putting an interesting question with interesting options will give you many interesting responses. And if you’re able to keep the mileage going, you can use these small polls as the foundation to create more content in future. If Facebook content is how you want to go about promoting your business, ignoring polls is not an option.



Video Content Ideas for Facebook

Videos are kings of content. People have finally started seeing Facebook as a reliable source of content posting, and it has 8 billion daily views to prove it. It might have started as a simple social media platform but now has evolved into a video platform that people love more and more. And if you believe the stats, more growth is imminent. So why not grow your brand with it.


DIY Videos

Tutorials are all the rage. Time constraints have had people seeking short videos that can provide complete information. Tap into reels and explain your business within 60 seconds. Add some quirkiness to it, and people will always scroll up to rewatch your videos.


Facebook stories help you share your brand’s value to people on your page. Tell stories about your business and your struggles. Use a single image with emotional music in the background to add weight, turning them into engagement magnets.


Blog content ideas on Facebook

Facebook has become the traffic driver for small (and large) business websites. Posts with links are getting traction, but only those that lead to exciting things. Add valuable links to your posts to start a meaningful conversation


Link to old blog posts

Ideating original content every day is difficult. Thank God for recycling. You can post links to your years-old posts. If it provides valuable information, you’ll get helpful people interacting with it.


Links to controversial blog posts

You can’t be on the fence on social issues anymore. Opting for the middle ground is a losing battle, no matter how sensible. Go against the grain. Be controversial about a topic to get more traction (but do it positively).

Other people’s Facebook Post ideas

Exciting posts are always crowding my Facebook homepage. They are like inspirational buckets from which you can pick and choose ideas; choose one with the most engagement. Adapt your post to them by stealing like an artist. And if you play your cards right, people will come flowing your way.


Quoting others

People are always quoting others on Facebook, albeit negatively. Do it positively by quoting engagement worthy people and creating links for them. With tagging, you get authenticity – helping you to tap inadvertently into influencer marketing.


Copy the most engaging

Use popular posts as a template and weave your brand into them by making some adjustments. Jack the trends of ongoing posts to create viral conversations.


Consider these Facebook content tips as cheat sheets. Use what’s trending and go with it. However, don’t lose your voice. Adapt, not copy; find out what works and bypass trial and error. Do so, and you’ll soon become few among the many – bringing your niche content to an engaging ecosystem.