Fewer Cuts, More Profit: How can you Create a Good Promotional Video

Fewer cuts, more profit

A picture can be worth a thousand words, but videos which are a part of our lives for less than 200 years can tell a lot more.

The beauty of using video for your promotions is quite essential yet powerful: You can combine text, tones, sound effects, music, images, subtitles, and many more elements into one creative entity, enabling you to tell a bigger story or pass much more information at a quicker pace and in a way that will probably stick with your audiences for a much more extended period. 

How come? Try and remember your favorite clips, ads, or other types of viral media compared to a book quote or even the basic plot. There’s a higher chance you’ll remember the first option rather than the latter because you have much more visual and musical cues to rely on – And it’s time to use it for your advantage.

Many businesses worldwide use the virtues of video production to send a clear message and thrive their digital assets – How do they do it efficiently? We have some guidelines you should check out.



17 Video Marketing Experts Discuss the Best Video Length Time


This one may seem easy, but trust us – It’s not. You already have the team, the equipment, and the time – And you figure that you should extract the best out of it. What happens then? You add more texts, more intros, scenes, etc., and what happens? You get a video that could be shortened by at least a half that makes people skip to the next pause without even understanding what you’re talking about.

A good video is a summarized one. It doesn’t mean that it should take 3 seconds, but it also means that unless we’re talking about a particular case, your video should range between 15-60 seconds.

How can it be done? It takes some time and practice, but it’s worth it – Check out the script and the storyboard and see what can be skipped and what can be said with fewer words with the same outcome. So many videos are long because they add more of the same idea or combine different topics instead of splitting them into shorter videos – Don’tmakeo that mistake.

The First Seconds

No one will read your article if the title, the summary, or the first sentence is boring. A good video makes people understand why they should watch it as soon as possible, and we’re talking about the first 3-5 seconds. It’s not a recommendation – If your first impression isn’t interesting, they will switch to another video. 

You must understand that people have a much shorter patience nerve compared even to a decade ago, and that should be your focus – Make them interested enough to keep their focus running (Don’t believe how important it is? Try and see your watch % graph and see how it quickly declines at the beginning)

How can it be done? Tell a story, create suspense, tell them what they’re going to get, and what’s the value of your video. Then, if they believe they’ll get something (And that something can also be a feeling), they’ll be hooked.

Make Things as Clear as Possible


What's the Magic Length of a YouTube Video? | Hansen Multimedia

















Did you know that not including subtitles in your video lowers your conversion rates?

This is because so many viewers do it while they’re in a public space, at work, or can’t listen to anything right now – And you’re missing them because you thought everyone could do it or understand every word mentioned in your clip. 

Use easy-to-read fonts, talk loud and clear, and make sure that the camera shoots the way it should. Remember – Even 5 seconds that are filmed right can be worth much more than 5 minutes of lousy video.

Your Perks, your Advantages, and your Perks Again

People wish to buy things because they believe that the value is worth their money. It can be by consuming it, owning it, giving it as a present, or any other idea that serves as a positive outcome. 

Due to that reason, you need to include as many relevant perks of your product or service as possible. The more virtues you have, the more people who’d love to hear more. 

Now you Have to Basics, and what about a Great Video Production Service?

All of those tips are important, and that’s why you usually can’t perform all the tasks by yourself. At Synapse, we offer amazing video-producing tools, starting from the creative ideas process until the finalized result (And we can continue from there by finding the best strategy to market your fresh video clip)