Great Tweets to Post: 5 Amazing Tips You Can Follow

great tweets to post

Looking for great tweets to post for your upcoming event? If you’re a player in the universal field (Or at least in the US), Tweets on Twitter is a crucial way to go. This social network holds millions upon millions of users daily, who seek to get all the recent updates, jokes, drama, and whatnot.

Many have tried to become the center of attention, but most of them didn’t make the cut when it comes to the actual results. 

In this article, we’ll dive into some of the elements that are part of a good tweet. While it won’t 100% guarantee that your posts will be the next best thing, you’re expected to get more in the long run. Plus, if you keep it up, you may get to the goals you aimed for.

We will show you five amazing tips for great Tweets to post on your Twitter profile. 

How to make great tweets to post?

Focus. All of it

Tweets synapse

If you can write your message in 140 characters, that’s nice. If you can write it in 80, don’t even hesitate. Many good tweets got that title because they went straight to the point and delivered the core idea plain and simple.

So if you’re wondering between another word and keeping it that way, keep it that way.


The scene at Twitter can be pretty entertaining, and humor is a great way to blend in. You can post jokes, wordplays, memes, and such, or just send your update with a spicy context. Everyone loves to laugh, and if you can make it happen – The engagement will follow.

Start Conversations


One of Twitter’s unique features is the ability to have a public conversation. Many celebs and brands contact one another, sometimes creating combinations that you’ve never thought about (In this digital realm, a burger chain network can openly discuss the senate elections with a scooter company, with many real-life examples).

Notice: Don’t do it blindly. Pick a tweet that you can actually give your interesting take and added value to, and keep it clean – You don’t want to be on the wrong side of news (Even though some aim for it)

Balance it out.

Twitter is a place where you can talk about almost everything, anytime – And many of the active users post at least 10 tweets a day. However, you do need to keep a good ratio of quality and quantity. We suggest that you’ll start only with what’s necessary, and then – According to how things go or any new updates, you can increase the volume up and post even more. 

As mentioned earlier, just don’t post for the sake of posting or because someone else did. Pick your tweets wisely, and if things require it, a day where you went over the top usually won’t be the end of all things, so don’t worry about it.


Twitter is a huge platform where a lot of people get news and trending topics. With that, it is given that a lot of people post Tweets every second. To standout from the crowd, your Tweets should be informative and well-written among others. 

People love to learn more and feel smart, and if you can keep them updated about news, updates, events, or just trivia, people will appreciate the effort. Information can be about your business (i.e., updates regarding a new product, sale, etc.), about the industry, related famous people, or even juicy gossip. 

Keep them bright – and entertained! 

The Best Method of Good Tweets


Those tips may require time that you don’t have in handy for someone who has a business or brand. You can always hire a social media manager for you to post tweets from time to time. You don’t have to always do the work, so be sure to ask for help.

If you want to improve your Twitter account in a much faster and efficient way, contact us, and we’ll tag a Twitter expert to boost your performance.

A Lesson in less than 140 Characters: 5 Tips for Great Tweets