Here and There: 5 Fields where Digital Marketing had Completely Changed Compared to 2010

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How are things going for you in the last decade?


While the answers will vary from person to person, the digital marketing scene has only one possible: Things have changed in every way possible. 

Why? The digital marketing industry is unique because it creates various changes that alter the industry itself and so forth. A new feature here can be copied to other networks, creating an entirely new approach. When that happens – You enter another parameter into the everlasting loop of ever-changing concepts.

In this article, we will try our best to reveal the most significant changes, both in the hopes of better understanding how to improve your digital marketing skills and goals. We will also showcase the powerful impact of this world and give you a new point of view where you can examine the world through its binoculars.


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From one Placement to Basically Everywhere


Remember the first decade of Facebook?

Most ads were shown in the right column, sometimes in the newsfeed itself. It meant that you didn’t have much space, to begin with, but you did what you could. The same applied to Google, which mainly focused on search ads, showing text with a few basic add-ons.


Today, one can find various placements: The feed, the right column, during videos, the marketplace, the audience network, the messenger app, and the list doesn’t end there. Google? Almost every website hosts its ads, and you can even promote youtube videos and shopping ads. That’s quite a stretch!


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The Tools are Here, and they’re more Varied than Ever


Ads used to host one image, and that was the top. Today, one can use videos, GIFs, and dynamic prospects where 10 image variations can be mixed with 5 primary texts, 5 headlines, and 5 descriptions (Take that, a/b test!) – And that’s just mentioning some of them.


While this gives more freedom of creativity, one needs to test more elements than before to find what works best, so always include at least two primary directions before jumping to conclusions.


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Conversions Baby!


How did you know a campaign even worked back then?

Primarily by clicks-related data such as the number of clicks, CTR, and CPC. 


Today? This is only the surface.

Every social network that respects itself offers a unique tracking code. In addition, some offer you a magnificent volume of different conversion events you can use and customize to your needs (especially if you’re familiar with Google Tag Manager).


Analyze which one of those is relevant, and do your best to implement them on your website. If you have an eCommerce digital asset, there are no exceptions or excuses: Use them wisely!


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Remarketing Gone Wild


While the idea of remarketing isn’t new for digital marketing veterans, the field is wholly revamped compared to the first days it was introduced.


Now, one can effortlessly “chase” their visitors and those who’ve shown interest throughout the web. In addition, Google and Facebook have extended means of reaching you, even if you’ve only interacted with a single page or a post. 


If you want to get them back, learn about all the unique ways to create audiences (engagement, traffic, etc.) and see what you can do to develop astonishing audiences.


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The Demand


Back in 2012, many can tell about all the businesses, brands, and organizations that didn’t see the need to perform the digital transformation. Since then, they’ve managed to clear that error (by adjusting quickly or learning it the hard way).


Years have passed, and it seems that one of the first steps in establishing a business is to create a digital entity. The equation is simple – If you’re not in the digital sphere, you’ll need to work harder to convince others that your business exists.


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Let us summarize it for you 


If we start listing every change, we’ll have a long day (and article). So instead, here’s an offer: Our team of experienced digital marketing pros has lived through those trends and updates. We’re ready to unleash our knowledge and help you get results for your business or company faster than average. 


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