How can I Clear my Doubts? 5 Tips to Deal with the Pressure of the Digital Era

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Let’s place one thing on the table:

Digital marketing is an enormous market,

It has so many options, solutions, resources, and success stories,

But at the same time – It’s also full of stress, worries, anxiety, and a sense of losing meaning.

We don’t believe in hiding the problematic parts of a problem, so we’ve decided to tackle this prospect head-on and find ways to relieve yourself from the destructive issues and prevent a situation where those negative emotions and outcomes will flood and create an irreversible effect. 

Take a few minutes to read, summarize and find the best plan of action you can adopt. It may seem exaggerated, but trust us – You may reach a time when you’ll feel as if you can’t do it anymore, and that’s what our precautions can help eliminate. It’s better to play on the safe side instead of becoming a sort of a case study.


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Reduce Notifications 


Wait, what?

Giving a type like this in one of the most digital-heavy industries is more than odd. How can you reply to customers, read emails, and answer comments and DMs without getting notifications?


For this reason, we want to refine our proposition. 

No one said you shouldn’t have notifications, but you should limit them to the required minimum.


  • If the app isn’t relevant to today’s work, mute it
  • Check notifications once in a while instead of jumping on every +1 you see
  • Remove notifications from obvious time killers (Leisure groups, games, etc.)  


With that, the noise you have to face is lowered tremendously, and you can continue to focus on more important tasks.


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Learn Meditation/Mindfulness 


While some of those techniques have existed for hundreds of years (at least), they received a rapid increase in demand due to the modern lifestyle. Those two principles can teach you to think more clearly, stay focused, and clear your head from troublesome thoughts.


Starting the day with a short session, taking a minute to breathe in the middle of a busy workday, or taking a few minutes of Netflix at the end of the day to reflect on what happened and what you can learn from it are some of the golden paths towards a better life.


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Work with a Calendar


Another title that makes you wonder? Great.

Almost all of our work with a calendar to some extent. However, you can take it one step further.


If you work with a to-do list, you know what you should do today, but combining it with a calendar can have a terrific outcome: Set up times to deal with a task or a set group of functions (i.e., writing) and then. Those hours will be dedicated to nothing but writing (Don’t forget to include breaks!). 


In that manner, you’ll be able to deflect any other type of mission to the appropriate time and be more focused on one kind of mission instead.


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Manage your Customers


This one’s the trickiest because it’s not only dependent on you and can be quite scary and even threatening, but you must do it.


If a customer keeps calling you for every matter, try to set a daily or a weekly call instead of giving him the opportunity whenever he wants to. You can also ask to get the tasks in the email instead of letting someone else talk to him.


Many minutes daily are drained due to improper customer management – Don’t join that statistic!


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Don’t Take anything on yourself 


It’s so easy to fall into doing everything by yourself. You’ll do it the best, have full access to all the digital assets, don’t like to boss around, and so forth. In the end, you’re a human, and you have a limited schedule and a set of capabilities that are limited to a certain degree,


By working with others, you can spread the word, stop dealing with annoying projects and take more than you could handle before.


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