How can I Create Better Posts and Articles? 5 Ways to Broaden your Creativity Horizon

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When discussing content, it’s easy to fall into one of the “expected” criteria, such as writing so much about why your product or service is the best, followed by shoving your marketing messages down your potential customers’ throats. If you’re more than two days on the business, you’ve probably already figured this is quite a bad idea.

However, this understanding isn’t the main challenge in your line of work. The actual issue is finding what you can do more to improve your content. After all, if you want to make people follow you, you need to give them an answer to one of their needs and do it constantly (Worry not, this need can be the will to pass the time while taking the bus or learning something new).

This article summarizes five ways to find new topics to write about, no matter what industry you’re from. While some of them may be hard to adapt, we believe you can do it – Feel free to update us with your findings!


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People love value, and one of the best measures of high-value content grants them a new ability, fact, or skill. Your industry probably has many actions that can be done independently, and you can offer your audience various ways to start the cogs going. 


I.e., a foodie page can post recipes. A garage can post tips on finding out if there’s a problem in the vehicle, and so forth. Start by going with easy-to-do things that can be summed up easily, even in one paragraph – Picking up hard and detailed guides can be a burden for your readers.


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You probably have a few complementary products or services you can check for yourself and upload a recommendation (or the opposite, of course). For example, one can upload a review for a laptop (If we’re talking about a student page/community) that’s best for study or a hairdresser that will recommend a shampoo that goes best for dyed hair. 


Another advantage of this method is creating cooperation and even branding yourself as an authoritative figure.


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Learning things isn’t limited to only what you can do from now on, but to what happened. Your industry must have some years to talk about (Even if yours is new, you can still discuss parent industries – The mobile industry can talk about the phone lines, etc.,)


Another good addition is combining history with various lessons you can learn. That way, you’re not only sharing things that anyone can search for but also adding a unique POV.


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Case Studies


If you’re in the digital marketing business to market yourself, what’s a better way to share your crowd with some of the things you did for those in need? Search and locate the most bizarre scenarios or cases where you’ve created an impact more extensive than other customers you’ve worked with.


The spicier the story, the higher the interest – And the impression rate.


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Just Ask


If you want to create carried types of content for your audience, what about asking them about it?


Many businesses challenge themselves to find new directions to write instead of seeing what can work best. As a result, you’ll be surprised to find other ideas you never thought about or even find out that a content piece from the past had made more waves than you thought it did.


This one may refer to social pages, but feel free to ask it through your newsletter and even directly when a client visits you. Try out and see for yourself what works best.


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When you can’t Find the Next Topic – Let us Help


Synapse’s content team is constantly working to deliver high-quality content and find the following best pieces one can write about, creating eye-level articles, posts, and every type of text you think about, built in with your brand’s values and language.


If you want to see what we’re capable of, leave your details below to get a deal for a first draft. From there – We’ll see how it goes together.