How can you Locate a Digital Marketing Scam in Real-Time?

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One of the most painful issues in the digital marketing community is the dosage of scammers and troublesome persons that orbit it. They create a bad name for all of us, the worst thing. They create unimaginable damage to various customers worldwide, customers that only wanted to get promoted and had to face terrible consequences that slowed them down and even made them lose everything they’ve built.


This should worry every digital marketer that respects itself and its customers, and that’s why we’ve decided to write a detailed guide that can help you raise and locate the red flags you can examine and act on time. That way, you’ll prevent many mishaps, major headaches, and losses in money, resources, and work hours.


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They Don’t Provide you with Reports & Data


Sound and honest digital marketers are the ones that have no problem telling what they did and how it impacted your campaigns and revenue. 


If your current digital marketing supplier keeps ignoring your requests to get specific data or produce a report (At least once a month), then start worrying. Every service provider should grant you the ability to analyze statistics and act accordingly. They shouldn’t be ashamed to describe what they did, why, and how it should affect their performance.


Another weird signal can be a minimal report that doesn’t reflect anything. For example, it’s nice to know which campaigns were uploaded, but what about the spent budget, the results, CPA, and so forth?


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They Insist on Entering a Long-Term Obligation


While not every asks to get into a binding contract for a few months will come from a scammer in action. It is vital to notice that many of them will legally try to keep you under their control for a period that ensures they will keep getting money from you without any hassle.


The best way to deal with this demand is to create exit points, use cancellable payment methods, and add branches that can terminate the agreement.


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No One Knows them 


Excellent digital marketer has already created a name for themselves or has a resume proving they did well.


Unless they admit they’re new in the business, having no one heard about the company, team or person is quite odd. So ask for recommendations and those included to find out if they’ve really worked with them or not – Or even use a business intelligence service to find out by yourself.


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They Strip you out of Control


The social network pages, ad accounts, and other digital assets belong to you. If they keep the admin for themselves, don’t let you watch the campaigns or any different limit that’s unjustified. You may be working with someone who should be removed permanently from your resources and sensitive information. 


Demand to get that precious info and permissions needed, and boot them before you fire them to prevent hostile takeovers and even ransoms


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They Try their Best to Avoid Connecting with you


A good characteristic of shady folks is their active attempts to avoid you from any contact. They barely answer in Whatsapp, emails, or messenger, keep declining incoming calls, and insist they’ll contact you without avail. 


You should always set a boundary for any pre-appointed meeting where you can see progress, ask questions, continue with the strategy, and so on. Unless they’ve declared any considerable reason, work towards terminating the work process ASAP.


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Don’t Let it Happen to you


Those signs can be worrying, and we genuinely get you. At Synapse, we have vast teams of experienced people with the reputation and skills to boost your business, followed by caring and available account managers and detailed reports that will help you understand the brighter picture and know that you’re in good hands.


If you want to keep your digital assets at bay and bring out their potential to the max, let’s set up a meeting where we can demonstrate our capabilities for you to decide. Leave your details below, and one of our professionals will contact you ASAP.