A Disease and its Digital Impact: How Does Digital Marketing Look After Covid19?

Digital impact

Our history features many important events, but when it comes to plagues, the covid19 stands in front with only a selected few that managed to affect the world in a way we never thought was possible (At least at that rate). 

This epidemic had changed our perspective and work methods regarding many things, but in this article – We’ll focus on the digital marketing scene and how it looks now – After more than a year on quarantine. 


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This field was marked as one of the most promising ones ever to exist, and the Corona Virus made that change happen even faster than anyone ever predicted. Many business owners and companies found out that their physical store isn’t relevant when everyone keeps themselves safe at home and decided that the only way to keep themselves thriving is through a digital transformation.

We’ve witnessed millions of new e-Shops during this era, and we believe that those new revenue streams will keep going steady long after the disease will be behind us.

Video Chats

Video Chats

Back in 2019, a face-to-face meeting used to be the standard for sales, analytics, additions, etc. – If you wanted to show your worth, either by showcasing a portfolio or demonstrating your campaigns’ results, you needed to set up a location and a time. 

Today, the process still happens – While you’re wearing your pajama shorts and demonstrate a fascinating ZOOM background at the beach. It’s not like you couldn’t do it before, but you were probably in the minority who preferred it that way until recent times.

Going Global is Easier
Going Global is Easier

The following advantage created by the previous statement is that when you meet people online, nothing genuinely interrupts you from accessing customers from different regions, countries, and even lands. 

This way, many companies, and businesses acquired customers they never thought they’ll ever contact before – And that alone is a great way to create revenue.

Many Changes – But what’s the Best Method?

The world had changed, and the best thing to do about it was to embrace the new times. At Synapse, we have a vast knowledge of all the best trends created and enhanced during the covid19 crisis, and we’re more than welcome to share it with you.