How People Have Changed Since 2000, and how it Affects your Marketing

You're different

Marketing is not something that can be summed up in a few words, sentences, articles, and even books – It’s a collection of marvelous and vast ideas, close to infinite researches, and outstanding resources that are invested annually for their insights alone.

Marketing can be found in the history of various cultures and countries. Some of its modern principles have deep roots in previous generations that laid the foundations in understanding what makes us buy and how we can use it to our advantage.

While all of the above is set in stone, we can see some significant changes that occurred recently, especially in the last decade (Or more precisely, since the era of the smartphone). And while the basics seem intact, there are quite a lot of changes one needs to fully understand before launching a marketing campaign of any kind, emphasizing digital marketing ones.

What are the most noticeable changes, and what needs to be acknowledged? We have prepared a list of the top 5 situations.

The Focus at your Digital Marketing Ads is at its Lowest

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Back in 2000, the average focus span stood at about 12 seconds, and now it stands proud on 8 seconds. This isn’t a type, and it took 20 years (Or even less) to reduce your ability to keep yourself on one spot by a whopping 33%.

People don’t have the patience to wait and see what you have to offer, and they’ll get bored before you know it. 

It doesn’t mean that all of your texts must be no longer than 100 characters (After all, this text isn’t) – But it does mean that you have to keep them hooked from the first second until the last, and you can’t leave too much room for breath or any other distractions that may pop.

They Use Mobile for Basically Everything

The smartphone is a fact, and so is the metric of 80% of internet traffic coming from mobile devices. If you can’t offer people a mobile experience, they won’t tune into it. 

The place of the PC is always in our hearts. Still, when it comes to business (Especially if we’re discussing B2C), you must have all of your digital assets optimized for the mobile experience, or at least don’t look surprised when you understand that maybe going all out on desktop audiences didn’t work as planned.

They Research 

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The option of having an internet dock at the palm of your head makes accessing information faster and reliable than ever, and the average user will use this to the full extent. 

Before buying a product, most users will conduct online research, and that’s where you’re wanted – make sure that your digital assets are up to date and include all the relevant information to lure them into your product or service.

They Take it Personal

The days of marketing the same thing for everyone are over. Even the biggest brands understand their different segments and create their marketing campaigns, ads and messages accordingly – And you should too. 

They want customized offers, personal greetings, and deals. They’re willing to give their information if you can provide a proper value in return – Use it to your advantage and remember – You want it from your vendors as well, so why not give it to your customers?

They’re Looking for a Cause

While good samaritan values were always an honorable addition to any product service, it seems today that people will require more transparency and values coming from your brand and the people represented with it.

Always keep a hand on your pulse and see where you can benefit relevant institutes and foundations – And maybe you’ll get a demonstration to others that actually grants you more than ever.

Many Changes – One Player to List them All

We know it may be a lot to grasp, and we aren’t helping by saying there’s more where it came from. However, we offer various digital marketing services that already enlist all of those changes, and more so you can clear your schedule and let us do the hard work of modern digital marketing without you having to break a sweat