How to be More Specific? 5 Guidelines to Save as Words for your Ads



Let’s be clear. You need to invest all of your content-creating and copywriting efforts to provide the shortest (Yet understandable) message available. 

While a dedicated ad also worked in the first days of the 19th century, it’s vital to grasp that there’s a necessity you’ll keep things short in this day and age. Why? Because people can be so easily distracted thanks to messages, notifications, and every other element that pops into mind (Literally). 

In this article, we have summed up important tips that can help you find out the best way to write a “balanced post,” as in writing as much information as needed without creating a wall of text.

Ready? Let’s go.




Find your Most Prominent Advantages


Your post or ad should be the bomb, and that’s why you should pack it with the best explosives you can find. While your product or service may have dozens of advantages, you need to find the most unique ones, worth their value and are worth mentioning.


When you have that list (Sorted by priorities), you can build your text based on 2-3 of the most important ones (By the way, you can have different top perks for every audience or industry). This step is important because it’s easy to write everything in one place, creating a post that no one wants to read – And that’s a shame. 


Believe us, if the advantage you’ve picked is indeed the best, people will be intrigued to learn more about every advantage by themselves.




Use Direct and Combined Words


Every word has its weight, and that’s why you should be inspired to pick words that don’t leave any place for speculation, along with words that can describe a phrase or even a sentence more quickly. If you can write “Happy” or “Having a shining smile,” go with the first option, period.


Dedication also stands for something easy to understand – So dedicate your time to creating something dedicated!




Understand your Audience


A good post or ad usually starts with a sentence or a question that catches the eye, and that’s why you should understand what matters for them. If you can find a question that arises the attention of a younger generation user, then use it for ads targeted for them. 


You can already link and hook your advantage(s) and make things happen when you do that. If you only use generic phrases, people will just skip it (After all, dedication is also something that’s specific!)




Reread it, and Reread it Again


When you read your posts, you can find “vulnerabilities” that stand for sentences and phrases that can be replaced or shortened further. 


Another way is to send your text to another person you can trust and let them mark where they see you can use better phrasing. Then, it’s much easier to continue from here when you have the problematic parts marked.




A Simple to Understand Call to Action


You should sum up your ad or post with a call to action, and that’s not something you should easily give up on. Instead, a call to action should be assembled from the action you want them to perform (Click, leave details), how and where (the link, the form, etc.), and some sort of bonus that they’ll get by doing it (Get a free price quote, get a free guide, and so on). 


This ensures that people understand what they need to do and why they should do it. A good CTA shouldn’t be more than 1 line long.




Save Time and Words by Picking the Copywriting Pros


While all of those actions can be performed by you, an excellent copywriting process can drain some time and effort. If you wish to invest in developing your business, we hear you. Leave your details below, and one of our copywriting experts will contact you to see where we can speed up the process and create stunning posts and ads for your business.