How to Become a Digital Marketing Pro: The 5 PPC Metrics you can Leave Behind (Most of the Time)

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What’s the current data? How’s that report going?


If you’re into digital marketing, then you’ve already understood the importance of looking through the numbers that represent engagement, interactions, and overall performance, and if you do – Then you can finally advance to the next step – The one where you’ll focus on what’s truly important and what not.


Why does it matter so much? Studies show that the more information and options you’ll have, the harder it’ll be to decide. In that case, it’s best advised to take the group of the most crucial statistics you must acknowledge, and a great way to find them is by eliminating those who don’t.


In this article, we have gathered 5 of the most rarely used you can probably overlook and don’t have a bad feeling about it. Please notice – Some cases require them, so we expect you first to read the article, review it according to your business, goals, and plans, and then define those that aren’t relevant to you. 


It’s ok to decline our offers as long as you’ve found that you need them in your daily work. With that aside, let’s begin!


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Click (All)


Wait, what?


But clicks are such an impressive part of a post’s engagement rate!


While this is true, let us elaborate: Overall clicks include EVERY CLICK. It means read more, video play, page name click, photo click, and so on. Some of those matter and can be great indicators, but in the end, you don’t have a proper definition of how many clicks were part of the overall score.


Still, want to know more about this section? Check the post’s dashboard (On FB) and see how many clicks were done to open a photo, etc. It’s not 100% functional, but it’s better than counting on a monster-level number that’s hard to analyze.


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Auto Refresh Impressions


This one’s easy – It is related only to the right column placement on Facebook. Remember that one? It used to be popular back in the first years of Facebook, but since then, most internet traffic has been set on mobile. 


So, knowing how many people have watched your ad again after auto-refresh is… So minor in impact, so we’d suggest you can ignore it all around.


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Quality Ranking


We know you’re also wondering about this paragraph, but let us be specific – We’re talking about the Facebook one.


While it’s better to have this in the green, it still doesn’t promise anything. While we’ve seen some ads that didn’t perform well in correlation with a terrible score, we have also seen the opposite – Ads that were destined to “fail” according to FB’s algorithms proved otherwise.


So, in conclusion – It’s better to go with what works instead of predictions from sources you can’t even research.


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2-second Continous Video Play


Woah, a whole 2 seconds?!


While it’s better than a 3-second view that was viewed in parts (As absurd as it sounds, it can happen while browsing the news feed), What can you do with 2 seconds? Probably nothing. The best metric you can start with is Thruplay, which represents a view at least 15 seconds long (Or the whole vid, if it’s shorter than that). Let’s talk about it again when they decide to launch a 20-second continuous video play.


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Video Plays at 95%


Why would I skip that last 5% for this metric? We have 25, 50, 75, 100 – And then this. We truly have no idea why someone would prefer it. Maybe to consider people who keep watching after the credits? 


Even so, the video graph showing how many people have dropped every second gives much more information, so we don’t have a clue why you should prefer it over the other options you can enjoy.


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We only Believe in what Matters


At Synapse, we have mastered countless reports that allow us to create only the most useful data, placed in an easy-to-read, grasp and analyze format. 


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