How to Prevent this Mishap from Happening? 5 Important Notes Regarding Usage Rights

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While the world of digital marketing is fun, vast, and full of positive surprises, it can sometimes become a nightmare. 


Don’t worry. This isn’t an apocalyptic article of any kind – But rather an informative and friendly reminder that can help you avoid common mistakes and errors so you can keep enjoying what the cyber landscape is offering you.


Usage rights are a broad term that relates to almost every type of content or media, and you should be alert to it whenever possible. It’s important to remind that those rules apply anywhere – On your website, landing pages, social network business pages, your videos, and so on. 


While it may seem complicated at first, trust us – It’s more than essential to sit and learn through this short article. Besides, it can save you trouble and much more time that’ll go down the drain if you face legal consequences.


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Check the Sources


Don’t hesitate to ask where it came from if you see a photo. You should always seek to get a photo or a video from a website that gives royalty-free media from a service you’re registered to and can use the images without any problem. 


Working like this is the first and maybe the most prominent step you can take – If you straighten out an allowlist of sites your workers and suppliers can use, many mishaps will be prevented in the first place.


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See if a Credit is Needed


Some artists permit to use of their work, but sometimes they want a minor detail to be included – A credit. 


When you download or save the media file, you’ll usually be prompted with a message that declares that credit needs to be included. Write it down in the post or below the file, and viola – You’ve passed the second mark.


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Maybe it’s for a Certain Type of Use


Another important factor is checking the license and seeing what you can and can’t do. For example, some photographers will only allow using the picture if it won’t be edited, while others will prevent using it for marketing or ad purposes or controversial issues. 


Read carefully – Because getting a cease and desist letter when you’ve thought everything’s alright is quite an annoying experience.


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You’re the One Responsible


You may be working with vendors that take part in your website’s constant updates, social posts, campaign management, and so on, but remember this: When someone uses a royalty-protected media file for your digital assets – You’ll be the one who’ll be targeted in the legal process.


Many business owners were sure they could blame whoever did the job, but it didn’t matter. You’re the only one who’ll be targeted, and the opposing side won’t care if you didn’t know what’s going on (And let’s be honest – You wouldn’t have done it differently if it were your case).


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It’s not Vegas


“Ok, I understood all of this, but I’ll take my chances.”


This may be a thought that went through your head, and we understand why it did. The problem is that it doesn’t matter. Even if the risk is only 0.1%, it’s still not something you should do for a few reasons.


  1. Every media file is a new chance that needs to be calculated, and if you use a lot of pictures, it’s quite a problem
  2. The hassle of looking for legitimate sources is much more compliant compared to the hassle of dealing with a legal charge
  3. People have worked hard to provide you with those pictures, so why should you act like someone who doesn’t appreciate hard work?
  4. Many have tried this before – And found out they should’ve picked a better way


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Let Us Help you Get Through this in a Breeze


So many terms, conditions, and requirements – Where to even begin?


We have a suggestion – Start by going on with a professional team that fully understands the do’s and dont’s of this industry – And are more than welcome to use their hard-earned data for your cause!


If you wish to enjoy powerful media files without any sense of guilt, leave your details below, and we’ll contact you ASAP.