5 Guidelines for Restaurants in the Digital Marketing Space

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While the digital marketing world has so many insights, tips, and guides for every business that wants to get new customers, reach new audiences, and promote their service or product. We believe every segment has unique perks and needs that need to be addressed to unlock them and get a substantial advantage that competitors that haven’t understood will have to face. 


In this article, we have summarised some of the actions we do with our customers in the restaurant industry, and we firmly believe that they can help other players in that market to thrive and reach results they haven’t even dreamt about.


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Let’s Talk Visuals


You may wonder why this segment is so important. After all, menus work by text and do fine, right? 


Today’s users want to witness a sight for the eyes. So they won’t take a bite before taking a picture for their stories, and they may invite a dessert only because it blends well with the atmosphere instead of their taste buds. 


To summarise, you should focus on showcasing your various courses and hire a professional photographer for this task. Trust us. We know some restaurants that succeeded and got attention only due to 1-2 options that weren’t even on the main menu.


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For Starters, Instagram


While social networks offer various benefits you can use, the first segment is proof that almost every restaurant should have an active IG account as the main attraction.


Use the highlights to demonstrate your menu, interesting guests, the familiar atmosphere, offer specials, recommendations, and any other activity you can post to your stories. 


Don’t forget the posts – you can take different angles of the same meal, and describe the sensational experience that comes with it, Get creative – It can be worth your while!


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What’s Next?


Usually, you can open additional business pages on networks such as Facebook and Twitter (especially if you’re a chain based in the US). The Facebook one can be more “Calm,” but we still strongly advise picking pictures that drive the appetite towards your direction. 


You can also use Twitter to participate in discussions and create ones (Wendy’s is a good example) and keep them posted regarding coupons, offers, and much more (Try to make a digital-exclusive one to see how it’ll affect your traffic). 


Usually, we won’t recommend Linkedin – This one’s better for other segments. Tiktok and Youtube are options, but you need to be ready with the video camera rolling and keep doing it for the subsequent periods.


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Be Accurate


Your Facebook, Instagram, Google Business, and any other digital entity should include direct information regarding your specialities, your allergic data, opening hours, contact options, and so on. 


Many of your potential customers will decide to visit and order based on this info – And when people are looking for something to eat, they won’t have the patience to drill through your website to find what they need to know. So, let everything be essential to be accessible.


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Integrity and Service are More Important than Ever


While those two virtues are important for any type of business (Or employee), the restaurant field must take it to a higher level. Don’t promote courses that aren’t served, be loyal to your delivery times and ingredients, and so on. If you’ve faced a problem, take it head-on and don’t try to avoid responsibility. 


Some of the most popular joints have suffered immense losses only due to not handling complaints the way they should’ve – So don’t let it happen to you.


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Good Restaurants should go with Premium Digital Marketing


If you’re a restaurant owner that worries about its success and values, then rest assured – Synapse has robust knowledge and experience in anything related to promoting your kind in digital networks. 


Let’s set up an obligation-free meeting where we can find what suits you best and how we can take you to the next culinary level: Leave your details below, and we’ll contact you ASAP.