How to Use Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels

Want to know how to use Instagram reels? Do not panic, we got you!

Once updated, open the Camera screen inside Instagram to start creating your first video reel: just take a photo or record a video as you usually do, then tap the Reels icon in the bottom left corner to create your short movie. You can also tap “Select from your gallery” if you prefer using an existing picture or recording instead of taking a new one.

To enter Instagram Reels, swipe right on your main feed or go to profile/direct screens and tap Reels in the top right corner (as shown below). The platform will ask you to tap OK on the confirmation message before taking you to your profile screen where you can create new reels.

Once you’ve created the perfect reel, use hashtags to make it more discoverable and let your followers know that they can watch it by simply tapping and holding their screens. You could also take advantage of Instagram’s promotion features (see top right corner) if you want to get even more exposure for your content.

When posting something on Instagram, choose between square images or this short video format, which has been available since September 2016, but only for influencers and brands with 10K+ followers. The reason behind this is that — unlike Stories — Reels are not a temporary post format: videos will be available on your profile until you delete them, like Instagram posts.


Ways to Use Instagram Reels for Business


1. Promote your products

Hashtag all of the products you post on Instagram Reels with terms related to who they’re for (e.g., #dresses, #bridesmaids) and/or what they’re used for (e.g., #wedding, #cocktail).

2. Market new events or services 

You can also use hashtags on your Instagram Reels that are specific to your event or service–for instance, if you’re hosting a class in San Francisco featuring floral arrangements ideal for winter weddings, try using a hashtag like #winterweddings or #floralworkshop as well as more specific tags such as #SanFrancisco, #BayArea and perhaps even one to indicate the date of the workshop (e.g., #Jan15th).

3. Promote your blog posts 

You’ll want to make sure that you include the appropriate hashtags on any images that accompany blog posts (you can probably see where I’m going here) so readers can find and follow you for more great content.

4. Network 

if your business is B2C If you’re trying to connect with other Instagram users who share interests in common, start by finding Instagram members whose accounts are focused around topics related to yours–use the search function at the top of your screen to look for people who might be interested in what you offer–and then add them and engage with their content regularly. Once they get a sense of how awesome you are, there’s a good chance they’ll return the favor.

5. Get creative! 

Since Instagram only allows for 1-2 lines of text per post, try creating images that use design elements such as arrows, shapes, or unique fonts to stand out. This is also the same with Instagram Reels. The more compelling your image is, the more likely it will be that viewers click through to find out what you’re all about–and remember, this can happen whether they’re viewing Instagram on their phones or via a web browser.

6. Engage with other accounts

 If someone comments on one of your photos or uses a hashtag that’s relevant to your business (e.g., #weddingplanner if you’re a wedding planner), consider liking and/or commenting on one of their pictures in thanks (this doesn’t have to be done for every single person who engages with you). Instagram Reels helps build good karma within the Instagram community and can lead to a follow back in some cases.

7. …But don’t spam! 

Ok, this tip should really go without saying but I know someone out there is going to ignore it so I’m including it for the sake of thoroughness! The number one rule of thumb when using Instagram–and any other platform in which you’re actively building your brand, really–is to always post valuable content to which your target audience will relate. 

Treat others how you’d like to be treated and remember that all social media users have an extremely low tolerance for marketing fluff–if yours appears forced or insincere, you can rest assured that they’ll either scroll right past or call you out on it.

That said…we hope these tips are helpful and good luck with your Instagram endeavors! If you have any questions or would like to see a post about another topic, feel free to contact us.