How to Utilize my Tiktok Business Account? 5 Tips that’ll Boost your Score

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There aren’t many topics that can be summed in one word, especially if that one word is the topic itself.


Tiktok represents so many updates, news items, audiences, features, and many other aspects that you must remember if you want to thrive in this growing platform. 


We can fully understand why you’ve opened an account in the first place. Still, it’s time to dive in and see how you can improve your existing digital asset, make yourself shine above your competitors, and mark your creations as worth watching, engaging with, and sharing with the rest of the world. 


We have come up with five critical parameters that you should focus on when creating your future videos, and yes – They’re based on the experience and knowledge harvested from trial and error that we’ve saved up for you.


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While Tiktok has a limit on the maximum video duration, it doesn’t mean that you need to reach it. Instead, make whatever you can to ensure your videos are as specific as possible. People lose concentration quite quickly, mainly when discussing younger generations who can zip toward the following clip at the brink of a swipe.


Aim for 15-30 seconds long videos MAX. Above that, you’re only taking an unnecessary risk.


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Activate Activity Mode


Want people to remember you? Make them do something, and go for an action that’ll benefit you twice the pleasure. Ask them for their opinion, tag a friend who’ll appreciate your message, or just give them a mission or a challenge they need to complete. 


Remember – If you convince them to like your video, you’ll get higher priority – And it’s going to be much better if you’ll get other types of engagement from various users.


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Lights, camera, action? Not in this scenario.


Tiktok proves that uploading content that looks “amateur” (Or should we say down to the ground) works much better than Hollywood-like production value. 


People of Tiktok will more likely compliment you for the vid if you’ve used your regular phone camera, using casual lightning without any high-level makeup. Sounds odd? Just look at the most successful accounts and see that almost all of them don’t go out of their way to provide content.


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Thumbnail Time


When people look at your profile, they want to know what you’re doing. Tiktok allows you to create a custom cover for each of your uploads, and you should use it. Write what the video is all about, and try to use a catchy sentence that’ll hook up people and make them want to learn more. 


For example, “I like to watch planes” is way off compared to a title such as “I have a hobby that many won’t understand.” Same idea, different outcomes. Don’t forget to use other elements such as emojis (When they fit).


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Ride on the Interest Level


What’s new? What’s hot? When it comes to this social network, the answer can change in a second. Learn what’s trending and act accordingly – If there’s a topic, you can discuss and bring your unique POV, then do it. If not – then wait for the next one.


Remember – You can also create discussions! The key is to understand your audience and their ambitions and go with an idea or concept that caters to them. You can even try to comment or react to popular videos, but remember – Go with the things that truly relate to your company’s values and ideals. Otherwise, what separates you from those who are constantly seeking likes?


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If you want to go Big, pick Big


After all of those suggestions are set and done, you can apply them yourself or save time and hassle by picking a team assembled from the veterans of Tiktok.


At Synapse, we believe in letting you focus on the crucial matters that only you can perform to evolve your business. At the same time, we do our best to combine our experience in digital marketing to build you an additional digital asset that can create revenue, awareness, and more. 


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