Instagram in 2021: What’s Hot and New?


Instagram in 2021 is now hotter and better than ever! Although we’re still halfway down the year, Instagram has been changing for the better since the year started. So, what is new on this social media platform? Let’s check it out here in this article.

With plenty of updates and new features, Instagram users are now growing fonder of the app. The platform now has over 1 billion users and generates the highest engagement rates across the world. While the Instagram community is growing, the app is also evolving from time to time.


Instagram in 2021 and its updates


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As mentioned, Instagram is continuously evolving with new updates and features. In this article, we will show you what you can now do on the platform. Whether you are using Instagram for personal or business reasons, these updates and features are not something to miss out on.


Sending Instagram DMs on Messenger API (desktop)

Many people have been requesting to have a feature for Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM to link together, and Instagram heard them! So this year, they launched a feature where users can send and view Instagram DMs from Messenger API. 

However, the downside of this feature is not everyone can use this at the beginning. IG business accounts with over 1,000 to 100,000 followers can access the API, which officially started last July 7. The Messenger API feature will be available to all IG business accounts without follower limits by the end of the year’s third quarter.


Hide likes on Instagram.

The social platform announced a change that would keep the number of likes generated by posts private. This means no one else will know how many people liked your photo or video, including you!

The social media company just made it easier for users to see what they’re liking without other judging eyes looking over their shoulder and adding public opinion into the mix. This update is being gradually introduced since 2019, and by now, it’s likely a lot of people have experienced the change. You’ll be able to see Instagram likes for your accounts as well as any other public account.


Facebook shops are visible on Instagram


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Facebook is currently in the process of making its first foray into eCommerce. They have created Facebook Shops accessible through both Facebook and Instagram, allowing businesses to create customizable catalogs for their products that users can browse, save, share, and purchase from with ease. This new feature should be a huge step up for small business owners who want exposure beyond what they’ve had before!

Facebook has just made a significant addition by introducing Facebook shops via social media networks – specifically on Facebook or Instagram, where this function was previously unavailable. As a result, businesses now can create customized catalogs of their products and allow consumers easy access when browsing these product listings online without having any problems finding them because it’s all organized neatly.

Facebook users can now purchase from a business’s Facebook Page, Instagram account, or Stories without ever having to leave the app if they’re in the US.


Post to multiple accounts all at the same time

Instagram users, rejoice! You can now save time by posting to different accounts with the same content. All you have to do is create a post using one account and then tick some boxes in case you want it posted on other profiles:


New Create Story template


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To make Instagram stories more interactive and exciting, the app has introduced the “Create” mode, which adds stickers that you can use, text boxes where you may add your thoughts or questions for viewers. It also lets users draw on top of their Stories – so it’s like a blank canvas with everything in its place!


New IGTV Preview

IGTV videos will soon be treated as if they were regular Instagram posts. The company said that IGTV is best when viewed on mobile devices in portrait orientation in a recent announcement. This major change would offer iOS users an even better experience than before!

The latest changes from Instagram are part of their efforts to make video content more accessible for consumers across the board, making it easier to view full-length videos without downloading anything extra or sign up anywhere else.

Your followers will be able to see your videos in their newsfeeds and on your profile page. The only difference is that the 60-second preview plays rather than just a still image, which may convince people to click over for more clips!


Suggested Unfollow Accounts

You might have noticed that you’re not gaining as many followers lately. Or maybe there are some accounts on your feed that aren’t worth seeing anymore, and now is the perfect time to unfollow them!

Instagram introduced a new feature that suggests which people you should unfollow. The “least interacted with” are your suggested unfollows to ensure there is not too much clutter in your feed.