Is this even On? 5 Better Methods to Check your Influencer’s True Appeal

Is this on?

Influencers are such a magical entity.

They hold the power of millions of followers worldwide. This number has at least tens of thousands of them who will almost automatically check their updates and even perform specific actions only because they’ve told them to do it. 

With a power that gets proven every day in our digital lives, many brands, organizations, and companies contact influencers from various markets and niches in the hopes of reaching their target audiences genuinely and authentically. 

While we can see many projects that turned out for the better, we still see some that didn’t make the fit, with many others that didn’t get their true potential unleashed. Why is that so, and what was the problem in the first place? The “like” metric.

For years, the most popular way to check if an influencer activity was successful was the number of likes the user got. It seemed as if all the other options didn’t even matter, and that’s where the problem started in the first place. For that reason, we have gathered 5 metrics that are much more proficient, and even if you don’t believe it yet – Remember that it’s only a matter of time before the public likes will be gone (AS you can already see on Instagram).



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A good influencer is someone who creates thorough engagement in their posts. In a good influencer campaign, people will react differently, and you want to capture those who’ll actually be impressed. How can you know it? Not by an action that everyone presses without any second thoughts, but by detailed comments. It can be compliments, questions, and anything else. 

When you see a post with 1,000 likes, it’s nice. However, a post with 500 likes and 50 comments is almost always a much more impressive feat -You’ve made your audience invest more energy in their process with your influencer’s post, and that alone is a much more solid metric.


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This button is the one that says, “I like it so much that I want my friends to know about i.” Just as someone who’s buying a product is a great thing, but someone who recommends your product or service to a friend is a much better outcome -It’s the same deal on social networks. Who knows – Maybe those 10 shares will bring much more traffic than the 100 likes?


Another method of sharing with others is tagging, with one simple twist: It boosts reach better. Why is it so?

  1. Almost since Facebook caught on, the share option barely gets any reach. It doesn’t mean that it’s useless, but someone with 500 friends and 10 followers will probably won’t get you too many impressions
  2. A tag grants the tagged friend(s) a notification that will increase the chances they’ll check out the content
  3. The tag comment itself boosts the original post. Some argue it’s the best possible option to increase traffic
  4. Some people will like and comment on the shared post instead of the original one – And the engagement will be “Lost”

So if you see comments that tag others – It probably means that you’re doing good.


A true influencer is someone that makes people talk about the things they do in their lives. Christiano Ronaldo moves the Coke bottles? Stocks will go low. Kim Kardashian wore something? The one who designed this is going to be more prosperous. 

An influencer who knows this will deliver your message in a unique way that will make others discuss what they did. Then, with your brand being shown and talked about in other profiles and communities -You’ve just spread the word, literally.


This is the last one – But the most crucial.

Likes don’t buy products. Money does.

Many influencer campaigns aren’t going the way that was planned because they didn’t measure the one parameter that matters most – Sales!

If this post created a noticeable improvement in an evident time, it’s awesome. If you returned your investment and got more than that, that’s magnificent – And that’s the only valid metric you’ll need to gauge. Ever.

Ready for your Influencer Campaign? We’ll Make Sure to See what Suits Best

Those elements may require much more preparation and work to be tracked accordingly, but they’re more than worth your time and money. Suppose you wish to devote it to somewhere else. In that case, you’re more than welcome to use our influencer media campaigns -We’ll create the infrastructure of finding the best personnel, contacting them, summing the details, and of course – Analyzing everything so we can see if things did go well.