Is Your SEO Working? 4 Smart Ways How You Can Check

Is your SEO working

How will you know if your SEO is working? It is one of the most asked questions, mainly because the SEO results won’t appear as soon as possible. Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) is an investment when it is created correctly.

It will also continue paying dividends, and who would not love to get more significant than what they have invested. However, this type of digital can take too much time before it gives results.

How long will an SEO take?


Dwell Time SEO



It will depend on how your overall market and keywords are competitive. A natural SEO and has a time frame for its result takes up to three to six months. However, if you are in a highly competitive market, it can take almost a year. 

Several businesses take a long-term approach to SEO because they know the potential and value of getting a higher ROI or Return on Investment. When your strategy is working, you can see that the traffic increases, sales, and leads are much more consistent.

Is your SEO working? Here’s how to measure 


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Don’t worry if you are doing your SEO for a month or several months and still not showing up on the first page for the keywords you used yet. It doesn’t mean that your strategy is not doing its job. Here are some SEO performance metrics that you can track to know if your SEO is doing its job

The Impression.

It is the number of times your web page showed up in the search result without users clicking. Impressions are one of the suitable areas to begin because when you are starting to optimize for your keywords, you will not land on the first page most of the time.

You will be more likely to begin on the lower pages; for this reason, you will be less likely to be clicked by users even though you have appeared in the searches. The essential thing is that you know that you are already starting to rank for the keywords you use. 

You must continue all of the things you are doing to be on the first page. You can also check the organic impressions you have through the Google Search Console. You can also compare the periods to know if there is an uptick.

Your organic traffic from searches.

We all know that your ranking is not the main goal of SEO. Its primary goal is to increase your sales and traffic. That is why increasing your organic traffic is an excellent sign that your strategy is performing well.

It is essential for you to check for organic traffic information specifically and not that overall traffic. On the other hand, if there will be a downtick in your organic traffic, it is also a good sign that the SEO is not performing well. 

The page’s ranking number.

It is also a good sign of the performance of your SEO. If the number of pages you are ranking is increasing, the SEO you have has an excellent performance. On the other hand, if it decreases, it has a problem, which can cause indexing issues or penalties.

If you experience indexing issues, you have a specific page that you use to optimize that is not listed in the search engines. It might be a result of the inability to crawl your web page in the search engines effectively. If you have more pages to optimize, you will have a more significant number of pages that you must be ranking for, even though you have one-click for every page.

The number of your backlinks.

The number of backlinks are also essential, like the link-building of the page optimization. The number of backlinks that have quality is necessary. It will also be an indicator of your website performance.

You will have an increase of backlinks in your website if your SEO has a good performance. You must check your backlinks so you can see if there is a decrease or increase. It is also essential for you to check the quality of each link you have used.

There are more things on how you can measure the performance of your SEO. These are just a few of them.