Keys to the VIP: What Makes a Brand in the First Place?

Keys to the VIP

Well, here’s a wish that almost everyone would immediately approve:

Be the owner of a successful brand, especially if it belongs to the global ones with millions and millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

While the act of creating a brand can be tricky, challenging, and tedious, thanks to factors such as client satisfaction, getting people to even know about your brand, keeping your name in the green and positive realms, and managing complex marketing campaigns and actions, some basic ground rules apply to most known brands today. So, if you want to join their team, you may want to read this article and treat it as a possible checklist for the past, current, and future steps you’re going to take.


They are Recognizable

Think about Apple, Starbucks, and McDonald’s. What’s similar between them? You can identify them from a distance, and even the concept of the colors of green and white or red and yellow can turn your mind’s autopilot and fantasize about a burger or a cup of coffee. 

It took time, but they chose simple yet noticeable logos and names. Apple is a word we know since the first days of our childhood, and the yellow M is hard to miss, no matter where you’re looking at it from.

It’s not easy to get everyone to know you but start with what you can control: A catchy name and a logo that helps get things rolling.


They Have a Story

“It started in a garage, and they had no money….”

“This is a recipe that passes from generation to generation….”

“This was meant to be a digital college yearbook, but things changed in the way.”

Many of the known brands have stayed in that title because they’ve told us a story. It can be family, friends, the other half, or something that involves the feeling we all know, such as envy, love, anger, and even sadness – But it needs to be the reason why everything happened.

We all love stories, and even if we thought those days belong to our younger days, studies show that it’s the other way around. So, find your story, and wear it proud – This can be the needed boost to make your brand shine above all else.


They Don’t Give Up


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This itself is an excellent addition to every story, but whatever the time or generation, the famous brands had to deal with a crisis, bad reputation, strikes, boycotts, and many other issues that had to be dealt with delicately. 

You need to always be on the lookout or make sure that someone will do it, and you need to act smart: Every action you take in one of your branches can affect even those on other continents, and one mistake in those magnitudes can create a snowball that is going to land hard on what you’ve built so far. When you enter this arena, you have to know this and be ready. No one will give you any consideration, and your competitors won’t have any shame in using your problems for their advantage, sometimes even creating them in the first place.

A brand is built in the long run, and if you can prove you can survive it – It’ll become the core point that brings new traffic of customers in the first place.


They know what they’re Doing

A brand manager isn’t a role you can dismiss or disrespect. Only take this risk on yourself if you’re well prepared or have a team that you can count on. At Synapse, we have vast experience and knowledge regarding various brands’ creation, management, and operation. If you want to join our list of successes, leave your details below, and we’ll contact you ASAP.