How to Make the Most Out of Discord: A Guide for Businesses

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Discord CEO and co-founder Jason Citron said that, while he can’t discuss the details, he has received multiple offers from businesses interested in purchasing his company. Reportedly, Microsoft offered $10 million, and while the deal didn’t push through, the proposal is testament to Discord’s popularity and value.

The chat app’s popularity grew exponentially in 2021. With approximately 350 million registered users, it’s now one of the most used communications platforms in the world.

Citron and his co-founder Stanislav Vishnevskiy started Discord as a chat platform for gamers. However, their user base has expanded to include individuals from all walks of life, as well as businesses keen to explore communication tools other than Slack, Skype, and Teams.

This article will explore the best ways to make the most out of Discord servers for the workplace.

Categorize Channels

Discord servers have channels that allow users to communicate via text or voice chat. They also have video call and screen-sharing features, which make meetings in remote office setups much easier. You can divide your servers by feature to make an organized communications workflow for your company.

For instance, one channel can be dedicated to “Marketing and Sales.” Everything related to this department, such as updates and announcements, will be sent there. You can create subcategories to further organize the channel, with each one having its own text and voice channels to discuss specific projects.

You can set the privacy of a channel so that information is shared only with team members who are authorized to receive it. This makes it easier for leaders and managers to discuss changes or other matters that affect the team before announcing them to everyone in the workplace.

Utilize Bots

Discord uses bots to moderate servers and make conversations more fun as well as safer. For instance, there are bots that moderate content to keep conversations on the subject while preventing users from sharing external links and spam.

You can also use bots to share music and videos, conduct polls, and play games—great for employee engagement activities and icebreakers. There are also bots that make work easier and more convenient, like the following.

  • Apollo – This is a scheduling bot that lets you set events within Discord, eliminating the need for an external calendar. You can create recurring or one-time events, allow one-click signups, and set automatic reminders.
  • gg – It is a top-tier ticketing bot perfect for customer service channels. It allows users to tag tickets and assign them to specific channels or server roles. Alternatively, employees can claim a ticket themselves. The bot’s intuitive commands are easy to remember, and you can use its online dashboard to monitor the status of tickets.
  • PollBot Advanced – This bot has one main function: to create polls in servers. Polls are useful for everything from getting employee feedback on changes in the workplace to voting on how to proceed with a project. You can also use this bot to get feedback from customers in your server communities.

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Use an Integration Tool

Tools like Zapier allow users to integrate other applications on their servers. Zapier can move info between Discord and other apps automatically. Thousands of apps work with this tool, including popular workplace apps like Mailchimp, Google Drive, Trello, Slack, Salesforce, and Zoho CRM.

Automate.io is another great option. While only about 200 apps can be used with it, Automate.io offers the ability to automate workflows across your CRM and project management apps as well as Discord, saving you time and resources. Apps that work with it include Basecamp, HubSpot CRM, Zendesk Sell, and QuickBooks Online.

Utilize Discord in Your Workplace with Synapse Research

Discord has transformed from a gamer-centric chat app into an all-around communications platform ideal for businesses and individuals alike. However, you’ll need proper management to ensure that the transition from your current communications tool to Discord is smooth and seamless.

Synapse Research Ltd. offers Discord Community Management and Group Moderation services to help businesses make the most out of Discord. We can integrate tools and bots that will make tasks easier while expanding the server to make communication in your workplace clearer and more efficient.

Our team can organize your servers to make them easier to navigate as well. To learn more about our Discord solutions or to schedule a consultation, reach out to us today.