The Benefits of NFT-Based Travel-Loyalty Programs

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NFTs have quickly turned into one of blockchain technology’s biggest successes. They have been so successful that the 2020 non-fungible tokens worldwide market cap reached nearly $350 million. If you want to create NFT-based travel-loyalty programs, NFT project management services can greatly help.

While still in the inception stage, crypto-based travel-loyalty programs garner much support. That is also true for NFT travel loyalty programs.

Read on to learn more about NFT-based travel-loyalty programs.


Car Rentals

If you have a car rental company and want to develop a loyalty program, NFTs are an avenue worth exploring. Instead of basing your loyalty program on miles driven and rewarding your loyal customers with free miles, you can use NFTs.

You can create a loyalty program by awarding non-fungible tokens to customers, which will serve both as a reward and a membership to the loyalty club. Once you have established your most loyal clientele, you can start offering rewards such as free rentals and vehicle upgrades.



Loyalty rewards for frequent fliers are the most popular loyalty program. Introducing NFTs is a way to improve your program and bring it into the digital era.

Instead of awarding free miles to passengers that can not be used or redeemed elsewhere, offer them NFTs. NFT rewards can help you draw in new flyers and maintain existing ones because they will feel valued and appreciated. You can enlist the help of NFT project management services to create a loyalty program based entirely on non-fungible tokens.


Travel Agencies

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One of the newer additions to NFT-based travel-loyalty programs is travel agencies. If you have a travel agency, you can develop a dedicated program to provide your customers with NFTs as loyalty rewards. Aside from offering a limited number of non-fungible tokens, you can use them as membership cards.

You can give the customers who are a part of your NFT-based loyalty program other rewards like free trips, discounted prices, access to private retreats, and lower ticket prices. This loyalty program will draw in the younger crowd who might not even consider using a travel agency.


Public Transport

You don’t necessarily think of public transport when talking about travel-loyalty programs. But, creating an NFT awards system can only draw more customers to this sector. There are two ways you can approach this NFT-based program.

First, through rewards for people who use public transport, selected entirely at random. Another way is through the frequency of use. You can award non-fungible tokens to the people who most often use public transportation, such as the bus or the train.


Reliable NFT Project Management Services with Synapse Research

NFT-based travel-loyalty programs are still in their development stage. They are not widely popular, but they are the future of loyalty programs, thanks to NFT project management services.

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