In Case you Haven’t Noticed: The Ultimate Reasons why you MUST Keep Updating your Facebook Page

Why You need to update Facebook Page

“Why do I even need a business page?”

“I get customers without having one!”

“It used to be important, and now no one really cares about it”

“The organic reach is dead”

“Facebook is a facade” 

“[Social Network] is better”

Those questions and assumptions are being thrown into the digital arena every day since the beginning of Facebook and other social networks (Some will say that even before that). The surprising anecdote about the matter is that some of them are being told by internet veterans, especially when it comes to the claims that Facebook isn’t as relevant as it used to be.

Is it true? Does it affect your business? Should you change your digital infrastructure and look for new hosts for your business? The question is yes, and no: You always need to be on the lookout for new opportunities, but it doesn’t mean that you need to abandon your current system – And here are some reasons why.

Facebook is Here to Stay

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Facebook is one of the biggest companies to ever exist on this planet, and they’re going to do anything to stay relevant, whenever if it’s by removing competitors from the market by buying (Such as Instagram) or proving themselves to be a harsh and sometimes unfair competitor (i.e., Snapchat). This organization won’t let its users get away easily, therefore keeping billions of people hooked on the platform where you keep advertising your various goods and services.

Everyone is Still There (Sort of)

The younger audiences prefer other social networks, but unless you’re ONLY targeting them, Facebook is still a safe bet. Today, almost everyone who’s over 25~ has an active Facebook account, and that fact alone is relevant for most advertisers and businesses. After all – Those are the ages that actually have the financial ability to pay for your merchandise.

You may Leave Facebook… For Facebook

As mentioned earlier, Facebook is doing the best it can to keep its enemies under the radar or control. If you plan on moving your digital presence to Instagram or Whatsapp? Congratulations, you keep paying Zuckerberg’s paycheck – So, if you think things will be different, don’t be so sure of it.

People Need the Digital “Seal of Quality”

The first objective of advertising and marketing is to make people know that you exist, and the second stage after that can be one that you can’t really control – Their will to search for more data about your business, product, or service. Where do they do this? Mainly on the social network channels. If they see that your page hasn’t been updated for years, they’ll guess that you’re out of business or that you just don’t care – Guess if they’ll still be into buying from you (Spoiler: Not really).

The Organic Reach is Really Dead. So what?

The Organic Reach is Really Dead

Indeed, organic reach on Facebook isn’t as good as it once was, but still – Great audiences are found there, and you have other ways to reach them (For example, PPC).

Robust Tools and Great Variety

No other social network has so many tools to reach the audience, such as varied media types, polls, groups, coupons, shops, and much more. It is known that FB has the deepest targeting abilities and flexibility in goals and audiences in paid campaigns. With that in mind, skipping Facebook means skipping on many virtues that can help you significantly.

In the end, it Really Does Matter

As we’ve reviewed in this article, we clearly see that staying on Facebook is your best-case scenario most of the time. If you’re looking for a way to manage your digital assets without breaking a sweat, we offer many digital services that can clear your schedule for what you do best while we’ll make sure to extract the best stuff for your business

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In Case you Haven’t Noticed: The Ultimate Reasons why you MUST Keep Updating your Facebook Page