Fix it by Yourself: 5 Reasons why your Site has bad SEO Ranking

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SEO is more than just a way to advertise your business or get a higher ranking than your competitors. It’s a complex and challenging field that combines technical elements along with content, logic and creating a solid infrastructure that can last for years and beyond. Therefore, you may face the same fate as many other business owners that have no idea why their site only appears from the third page forward, but each of you can have a completely different reason for that outcome. In this article, we have gathered a few common issues that may be the reason to drag you down. Please notice – In reality, there could be more than one reason.

The Mobile Experience

SEO Rankings

More than 80% of the website traffic today comes from mobile, with an emphasis on smartphones. If you want to be relevant to billions of internet users, you have to make sure that your site fits the small screen – How long does it take your site to load on mobile, and is it smartphone-ready and friendly? Sites that won’t pass the bill will probably suffer in the search engines’ wrath.

Don’t Copy Others

It’s great to have a muse, but when it comes to content – Never copy anyone, ever. Google directly punishes websites that use texts that appear on older websites, so think twice before you use CTRL+C and CTRL+V for malicious acts.

Big Media Files

Big Media Files

We love to live big, but it’s best to stay minimal when it comes to media. Many websites use pictures that go over 5 MB of storage and even ten times than that, just because they can – And you can usually get an almost identical quality for 10% of the needed space – So checking that direction can be beneficial.

Bad Meta Descriptions

Eyes are a window to your soul, and meta descriptions are a window to your digital impression. Having unclear, lacking, or missing meta descriptions can easily make people stray away from your site on search results, and you know how it can go from there.

No Content

Some people have decided to stop copying content from other websites, which is great, but when there’s no other plan of action ahead, things will not go according to plan. To stay ahead in the game, you need to create relevant content, and the more – The merrier. Many websites just become obsolete because they don’t have anything new going on, and that’s a true shame. 

5 are a Great Start

All of those signs summarize a good chunk of various SEO problems from sites all over the world. Still, in the end – Only a trustworthy SEO professional will be able to diagnose your site with anything that you need. At Synapse, we offer various SEO services that are meant to drive your business to the top

Fix it by Yourself: 5 Reasons why your Site has bad SEO Ranking