Content Strategy Services

Synapse provides engaging, thoughtful content strategy services that help businesses connect with their customers and achieve their marketing goals. Our team of experienced writers understands the art of storytelling and knows how to create content that speaks to your audience, engages them, and drives results. Let us help you take your business to the next level with impactful, persuasive content.
Content Strategy Services

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Quality Content Drives Traffic, Retention, And User Engagement

No matter what the context of your business, chances are good that you are producing content in some form. And if you are, you’re probably experiencing one of the many problems caused by an absence of a solid content marketing strategy.

The most common issues include lack of understanding about who will write what and when, hurried writers who don’t have time to create quality copy, inconsistency in tone and style; the unclear purpose behind the texts produced, etc.

What’s worse is that some people think these are just annoyances. That they’ll get over it because their company is too small to justify investing in a digital content strategy.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Every company, even the smallest ones, needs to make content. And bad content wastes time and money, hurting your business’s bottom line, instead of helping it grow. The good news is that you do not have to accept bad content as an inevitability or resign yourself to suffering through endless bouts of misplaced email apoplexy because nobody knows who’s writing what when.

Why? Because it doesn’t have to be this way! That’s where we come in. Synapse can help you take control over these problems once and for all by providing thoughtful, well-researched strategies for any kind of digital communication project.

We help brands tell their stories through compelling words, thoughtfully designed visuals, or interactive experiences on any screen. You can get started now for the organic growth of your brand.

About Our Content Strategy Services

Synapse offers successful content strategy services to brands to maximize their online presence and organic search visibility, including the following:
  1. Content Audit

We will do a content audit to evaluate a website’s content. It assesses the site-wide strategy, governance, and design quality and effectiveness. We will identify your audience, their needs, and the information they are looking for. This will help us identify gaps in your site’s content and prioritize which pages to improve first.
  1. Content Gap Analysis

Using our research and analysis of your current web presence, we can create a plan to fill those gaps by creating new content or repurposing existing content to be more relevant and searcher-focused. In some cases, it may be faster, cheaper, and easier for you to republish or update outdated content that already exists on your site instead of creating new unique content from scratch.
  1. Keyword Research

Once we have analyzed your existing website’s Google Analytics data and competitor keyword research, we can combine this with best practices recommendations by industry experts to create a keyword research plan that will help you prioritize which keywords to focus on improving content for.
  1. Content Creation Plan

Based on what pages already perform well in search engines and have the highest conversion rates, your budget, and your time constraints, we can build out a realistic content creation plan to know what topics are most important to work on next.
  1. Lead Magnets

Creating compelling offers that motivate prospects to take action is essential when it comes to converting them into customers. We can create lead magnets your audience would find valuable enough to provide their email address in exchange for the offer in the form of eBooks, guides, or whitepapers.
  1. Content Repurposing

Repurposing existing content is a great way to reuse already existing content that may have been created for a different purpose or format. Podcasts, webinars, and videos are three trendy types of content that can be repurposed as SlideShares, and blog posts which will help you increase the number of pages on your website. In addition to creating new content from scratch, we also offer services such as transcription, rewriting, voice-over recording, and desktop publishing, so you don’t have to spend additional time trying to find outsourced talent. These services are great for businesses looking to build a strong foundation through quality online content that drives user engagement and sales conversions for long-term client relationships based on quality workmanship.

Our Process

If you are an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or a website owner, the chances are high that you want to rank well on Google. Finding a sustainable way to create content and rank well in search engines can be challenging with all the toxic tactics and strategies available. But, here is our process of creating a content strategy.
  1. Content Audit

Synapse’s content strategy services start with an audit of existing on-site content to assess the current state of your website’s content and identify areas for improvement. This includes analyzing your target audience, determining which topics to focus on, and conducting keyword research if necessary. We then set goals based on those findings to have something measurable to track against.
  1. Setting Goals And Target Audience

After our content audit, we’ll help you set realistic goals that are objective-based for the next quarter. This will ensure that your business sticks to its plan and can reach specific targets.
  1. Finding Content Ideas

Next, we look at your website’s current content topics and determine what needs improvement based on average session times, bounce rates, etc. Then we narrow down these topics until we have a solid list of priority topics for the following month or two.
  1. Keyword Research

Once this list is finalized, we can conduct keyword research to target keywords with high search volume related to our topics’ themes. We account for the difficulty associated with ranking for each keyword so that our recommendations are appropriate to your business’s capabilities.
  1. Content Creation Plan

Finally, we create a plan to determine which types of content you’ll be publishing and when. It includes written content such as blog posts and articles, images such as infographics and screenshots, videos such as whiteboard videos and tutorials, and presentations such as slide decks and product demos. We also help you determine how much content can realistically be created each month so that you reach your stated goals in the most efficient way possible for your business.

Why Choose Content Strategy Services By Synapse?

Synapse digital marketers are content marketing strategy experts. We will help you grow your business through great content. Our team of highly experienced writers, editors, marketers, and media professionals use the latest best practice approaches to creating compelling online content.
  1. Experienced Digital Marketers

Our marketers have worked for top-tier agencies and international brands. We have helped numerous clients grow their web traffic, increase sales conversions, and maximize the effectiveness of their current content marketing campaigns through comprehensive content strategy services. Our team has experience across various disciplines, including SEO, paid search advertising (PPC), email marketing, lead nurturing, and SMM.
  1. Affordable Pricing

Synapse digital marketers offer competitive pricing on content strategy services. Our rates are 50-75% lower than the industry average. We also work with clients to provide custom solutions and content marketing efforts for their unique business needs, which can involve additional budget flexibility.
  1. Meaningful And Easy To Understand Strategy

Our content marketing strategists take the time to fully understand your entire organization’s goals before developing any new content or repurposing existing assets. While we consider ourselves experts in evergreen and B2B blog articles, our team is equally experienced with customer case studies, product reviews, ebooks, infographics, how-to guides, and other forms of content to reach your business goals.

Content Strategy is the art and science of creating valuable, relevant, consistent, and compliant content on behalf of your organization or client to achieve specifically defined business outcomes that support wider organizational goals. Content strategy should always be focused on supporting business objectives.

Good content strategy is important because it coordinates the various actors involved in creating and publishing digital media. As a result, it ensures that you have a common understanding of who your audience is, which content will be most relevant to them, and how to present it as efficiently as possible.

Good content strategy should consist of the following key components:

  • Audience definition  – Who are you creating content for?
  • Content goals and objectives  – What do you want your audience to accomplish (or feel, or think), and what would be considered a success?
  • Content inventory – A list of all existing and potential content.
  • Analytics Strategy  – Evaluation of existing analytics and how this will inform future decisions
  • Workflows – How does your organization plan to update/create/publish content?

Synapse helps customers by developing content strategies that unite teams around a single purpose/vision/direction and then establishing governance structures that allow for precise execution by different stakeholders.

We also provide consulting services for existing content teams or projects that need updating or establishing best practices.

The main stakeholders are usually content strategists, subject matter experts, product owners/managers, designers, business analysts, and project managers. Synapse can help organizations with all of these roles.


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