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The World is constantly changing, and you need the information to win in the business arena amidst this transformative era. With the ability to retain timely information at our fingertips, you’d be able to extrapolate patterns and get insights that will help you level up your business performance and take it to another level. To achieve this, you need more than just corporate market intelligence.

With the right business intelligence at your side, you can react to changing situations and make big business decisions – ranging from investing in a venture to forming strategic relationships.  That is why Synapse is the corporate intelligence agency of choice.

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Business Intelligence to help you stay ahead of the curve

Synapse is a specialist when it comes to gathering and analyzing intelligence that will help you get a better understanding of your business. Through the guidance of our strategic intelligence company, you’ll be able to pinpoint the risks and opportunities you can attain. These factors will give you the competitive edge you need to move forward.  

We believe that corporate intelligence firms must be ahead of the curve in business intelligence and provide relevant information to clients to help them navigate the dangerous waters of the business arena. In that regard, synapse delivers the perfect corporate intelligence service one can ask for.

Synapse employs the best tools in the market to utilize business intelligence services that give you a bird’s eye view of all the players in the business arena you’re up against. With us, you will get a detailed analysis of their procedures, plans, products, services, and even points of conflict – such as weaknesses bolstered by corporate greediness and corruption – that you can leverage to get ahead.

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Generate business opportunities through data

You can’t grow your business if you don’t have information. You must know everything within your business arena so that you can take advantage of opportunities in the market.

Synapse offers robust market research to give you all the insights you need to grow.

Geographic boundaries don’t bother us, and it doesn’t matter where your home markets lie. If you need actionable insights about your industry – you can count on our forensic corporate intelligence professionals.

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Singularly Deep Insight

When you’re doing something that shifts the paradigm of your business, like moving locations, restructuring, forming new partnerships, or merging and acquiring, your business is often at the front and center of any risks and benefits. By providing a deep insight into the business ecosystem through corporate competitive intelligence, Synapse can help you mitigate any business risk that comes your way.

Our corporate surveillance and intelligence services rely on a deep insight tool to learn about what lies behind the company you want to know – their motives, actions, partners, roles and behaviors, and much more.

With Synapse, you will know everything there is to know about the business to target. But don’t worry; we take every financial, marketing, technical, and especially legal aspect into account so that your information remains legal. We take cues from PwC corporate intelligence service to help you with corporate security intelligence and strategic decision-making.

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Trust but Verify through Compliance Reports

Are you planning to take on a new partner and want to know if you’d end up taking some legal baggage afterward? Don’t worry. With our compliance reports, you will know if your partners, resellers, distributors, co-operators, and clients adhere to all the legal compliances.

We understand the need to do business with the right people. That’s why Synapse conducts in-depth research into your partners to ensure that they comply with all the laws under relevant legislation. Our deep-insight tool and other databases are leveraged to ensure that none of your associates are involved with nefarious activities, such as money laundering, terror financing, organized crime, or anything else.

Corporate Counterintelligence Service

The business arena is now akin to a battlefield where your competitors can pull every dirty trick up their sleeves to get ahead. It can be spying, stealing, or even sabotage. Synapse delivers the best corporate counterintelligence service you need. We will help you establish systems to secure your business. Through our corporate security intelligence service, you will get hardware and software solutions to shield your business from contenders who don’t favor healthy competition. And you can trust us, for affordable services can give the likes of KPMG counterintelligence a run for their money.

You can rely on our professionals to deliver the best corporate security and intelligence services you deserve.

Risk Intelligence services

Risk is inherent to any business. The answer to overcoming them lies in knowing them and finding solutions to overcome them. Beyond risks lie opportunities that Synapse can help you find. Our risk intelligence services will help you navigate through the complexities of your business decisions by giving you clarity about your next step.

Complex business situations require you to take tough measures so that your business continues to exist for a long time. Synapse is a global intelligence company that combines the most ethical tools of corporate market intelligence and melds them with our experts’ in-depth business intelligence to become your best private investigation asset.


Having insight into your competitors and the market your services cater to is critical to business decisions. It helps you stay informed – making it easy to make the right decisions for your business.

Yes. Synapse delivers full stack corporate intelligence services to help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Synapse is one of the leading corporate intelligence service providers in the market. We provide holistic solutions for business intelligence at an affordable cost. Also, our experts have immense experience using ethical business practices to offer desirable results.


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